No National Guard in Seattle as Antifa tore up the streets Inauguration Day

By M. Dowling -January 21, 2021

Antifa marched through the streets of Seattle trying to break into buildings, and blocking streets. Despite a large number of the military deployed to Olympia, none were present in Seattle.

The military isn’t in Washington for violent communist insurrectionists.

They trashed the streets, burned U.S. flags in the streets, and smashed up businesses and buildings. They chanted, “No cops, no prisons, total abolition!”

It was far more subdued than four years ago when Donald J. Trump was inaugurated.

These people are indistinguishable from the mob attacking the Capitol, but they are encouraged and the Capitol mob is an insurgency, according to Democrats and their media. (Click to Source)

The Uniters don’t get so much as a mild criticism:
Seattle could have used the National Guard:

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