Antifa Bootlickers In The Biden Administration, Establishment Media, And The Whole Democrat Party Have A Problem: Their Creation Has Already Turned Against Them

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine January 20, 2021

What happens when a weapon created to use against enemies is then turned against the creator of said weapon?

The 20th was inauguration day for Joe Biden and even before the day began, Antifa groups were preparing to show up and cause trouble.

The reports claim that Antifa members planned clashes with Trump supporters that are protesting in DC, but after a look at their flyers, it appears they are also planning to protest Biden as well.

This offers more credence to previous assertions made by ANP and many others when we said that the “monster” the media championed after multiple riots, the Democrats created as a weapon against President Trump, and liberals cheered on as cities burned, would end up attacking them, becoming an issue that they could be bludgeoned with.

It appears that day is here.

Another poster makes it very clear to the very same liberals, politicians and media, that this isn’t “F**king over.”

Interestingly the very same groups mentioned above, liberals, Democrat politicians and the media, insisted that the unrest, the rioting, and the destruction were President Trump’s fault because…..Orange Man Bad!


The quick video below has been shown before, but looking it from the point of view of…. “now they are your problem,”  makes it far more entertaining to watch.

Seeing the pundits, politicians and others encourage the rioting, and the “rising up” against government, one has to wonder how these same people are going to twist themselves into pretzels now that Antifa violence continues without president Trump around to blame it all on.

Now that they have groomed Antifa to act as their paramilitary arm, just to see them flip the finger and turn against their makers, how do the Antifa sycophants go backwards and claim Antifa is bad, violence is wrong, rioting is destructive, without having their own words thrown right back into their face?

We cannot begin to count how many times they were all warned that the monster they created will turn on them, just to be ignored.


As Stefan Stanford recently highlighted, one in three Americans sees Joe Biden as an “illegitimate” president, and that is with the media, and social media companies, along with big tech, hiding any mention of the voting irregularities, fraud and other legal issues surrounding the November 2020 president election.

Just imagine those numbers had information not been censored from the people of the United States.

Add to those numbers the Antifa thugs that most likely weren’t part of those polling numbers and we have more than just a third of America saying “not my president” about Joe Biden.

The Democrats and the establishment media groomed these domestic terrorists throughout the last four years, and now there is no way to “ungroom” them. Frankly is about what they deserve for supporting Antifa, defending their violence and attempting to justify their destruction and attacks against other Americans.  

One has to wonder how Biden supporters and the media will respond to the tables being turned as more and more conservatives, Independents and Libertarians, start mimicking their own quote of “Not my president.”


While Antifa may be the most violent group in American today, they certainly aren’t the only members of the Democrat party still pushing for a civil war.

Look to online liberals on social media, chat forums, comment sections (for those sites that still have them) and what is seen are liberals calling for the “re-education” of  over 70 million Trump supporters, calls to “deprogram,” conservatives. Others are calling for doxxing conservatives, causing problems for them at work. They are asking Americans to “report” on conservatives to authorities….. with no real reason given other than being conservatives.

Banks, online pay services, social media, and big tech have all targeted Republicans and many Libertarians, so it would be shortsighted to only highlight Antifa groups as troublemakers that have no desire to “unite.”

It is not only online where we are seeing these attacks by unhinged liberals, as shown below, the meltdowns offline, are even more crazed.

At this point, to be honest, conservatives aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to “unite” either. After being targeted, labeled, attacked both verbally and physically, deplatformed and blacklisted, we’re not inclined to want anything to do with liberals, radical or not.

Any liberal that believes the “civil war” has been averted because President Trump left the White House, is extremely naïve or ignorant, take your choice.

Crazed liberals like those shown in the video above won’t allow it. Democrat politicians that clam they want peace are lying through their Antifa-loving teeth. The media that helped groom Antifa into the violent, destructive rioters they have become, cannot pop that genie back in the bottle, especially since their comments previously are all public, documented and readily available online. 


While the destruction of America is in no way something to laugh about, watching liberals attempt to control the monster they created for the next four years, definitely is cause for some popcorn as we sit back and watch.

Conservatives truly don’t have to do anything but prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and kick back and watch the show, because the Democrat party is already starting to eat their own.

Looking at some prime examples of liberalism below, truly, what sane person would want anything to do with any of them?

Not me. (Click to Source)

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