Will Russia Aid The New American Confederacy?

by L Todd Wood January 17, 2021

The histories of civil war in the United States and in the Russian Federation are forever intertwined, with both countries picking sides and getting involved in the internal affairs of the other.

During the first American Civil War, Russia aided the North, and supported the Union Army with naval protection for the strategic ports of San Francisco and New York.

The second half of the 19th century was a tough time for Russia in terms of international relations. After losing the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) to the alliance of Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire, Russia faced another challenge a few years later. In 1863, there was an uprising in the regions of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under Russian domination.

Inspired by Russia’s recent military defeat, the Poles tried to regain their independence, and both Britain and France were considering possible intervention on the Polish side. Bolkhovitinov stresses that moving part of the Russian Navy to America would have helped in case of war with European powers. If based in neutral ports, Russian warships could more easily attack British and French ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific. But that proved not to be necessary because Britain and France did not support the Polish uprising, which was crushed by Russian troops.

American soldiers in Vladivostok parading before the building occupied by the staff of the Czechoslovaks.Landscape

In time, American troops returned the favor during the Russian Civil War in the early 20th century, landing almost 8,000 troops of the American Expeditionary Force, Siberia to help support the fight against the Bolsheviks by the White Army. The U.S. troops did not get involved in the actual fighting, although were pressured to do so.

Today, Texas and other states are actively discussing secession from the Union, as the Democrat Marxists take power in an illegal coup. The Left is now actively discussing persecuting Trump supporters, destroying free speech and media, while making the ridiculous claim that America First patriots are ‘domestic terrorists’. The truth is the Capital Hill riots were led and incited by BLM/AntiFa, as recent evidence and associated arrests show.

The current tensions in America could very likely lead to a second civil war, as American patriots will at some point push back against the coming tyranny. This is not incitement; it is simply saying a fact out loud.

The question becomes in this scenario, would the Russian Federation intervene? And, on which side?

The Putin government has made a display of pushing back against the Soros globalists, banning his NGOs from Russian territory. Russia has famously rejected the LGBTQ agenda, even enacting a ‘homosexual propaganda’ law which outlaws the instruction of the homosexual lifestyle to children 15 and under.

Although President Trump has been hard on Russia, to the point of killing hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria with American air power (an event not discussed much in Moscow), sanctioning the Nord Stream II pipeline, launching missiles against Russia’s ally in the Levant, the Assad regime, in addition to a plethora of sanctions against Russian companies and officials, it is questionable if the Kremlin would rather have a globalist government In Washington, which will push NATO further into Russia’s near abroad, and support even more ‘color revolutions’ in Belarus and elsewhere.

Some analysts are discussing the territory of Alaska as a safe haven for American nationalists.

Alaska used to belong to Russia. In fact, the Russian empire under the tsar reached all the way to San Francisco at one point.

Alaska could easily be supplied by Russian forces as the two land masses are only a few miles apart in the Bering Sea .

Russia is a Christian nation, with the Russian Orthodox Church enshrined in its constitution, although most see that reality as self-serving to the Kremlin rather than religiosity. American nationalists would mostly be a natural Christian ally, reclaiming the God-fearing founding of the American republic.

Russians also have a lingering hatred for communism, which essentially destroyed the Russian state for a hundred years. Enlightened Russians want nothing to do with it. Nostalgia for Stalin among some has more to do with desiring a ‘strong leader’ than loyalty to Marxist teachings.

The geopolitical game is yet to play out between the two nations in regard to the American Constitutional now smoldering.

History doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, but it sure can rhyme. (Click to Source)

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