How The UN Is Infiltrating Your City, County & State Through Sustainability


How The UN Is Infiltrating Your City, County & State Through Sustainability



  • In the last article, I promised to discuss some of the groups that will be connected with your Comprehensive Plan. Also, see Tom DeWeese‘s book SUSTAINABLE for more details.

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Two national groups, the American Planning Association (AMA) and League of Cities, worked together in 2005 to convince the Supreme Court to allow municipalities to use EMINENT DOMAIN to acquire private property needed to expand their growth goals. At the time, 46 states pledged they would not allow that but it is now being used everywhere. Yes, they have to offer the owner to buy it but if they refuse, the city can take it. One major use we are seeing in Minnesota is for TRAILS, usually through farmers’ land. The prices they usually offer are very low. As if the trails were not bad enough, they require a BUFFER ZONE along both sides of the trail where no human activity is allowed. I will get into this more in later articles.

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The League of Cities goes by that name in most states, as far as I know.

The AMA is different. They divide your state into PLANNING REGIONS. In Minnesota, there are 10. Each region has a different name. In your state, you can try googling AMA (State) and whichever state from which you hail. Otherwise, try REGIONAL GOVERNMENT in your state. In Missouri, it is the Missouri Association of Councils of Government (MACOG). 

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“Resiliency” is one of their buzz words which I left out in the previous article. It ties directly to SUSTAINABILITY.

So, what’s wrong with being sustainable?  My small beef operation was very sustainable, but not to them. Examples of unsustainable things include these examples: cows, cars, single-family dwellings (considered racist). There is a whole list of these found in the book SUSTAINABLE. You will be pleased to discover that most things you enjoy are indeed UNSUSTAINABLE to the Globalists.

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Back to local Planning Groups… These Regional Planners usually have a map on the site which gives you the name of the group in your REGION of the state. You see, they plan to manage your state regionally, eventually bypassing your county and city government. For now, they work very closely with them by offering grants and writing your city and county comprehensive plan based on the 17 Sustainable Goals of the United Nations. More on this later.

They will nearly always partner with the League of Cities and various WELCOMING COMMUNITIES groups that want to bring refugees and inner-city folks to your area. Also, they partner with a variety of GREEN GROUPS.

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Who funds this? Ultimately, foundations, which I mentioned in an earlier article, but they are often offered through SOURCEWELL. They are not as prominent yet in many states like they are in Minnesota, but you can find them in your state by simply doing an internet search for Sourcewell in your state. They will usually show up offering products to businesses and schools at reduced rates.

There is so much to learn about this group that I will dedicate the entire next article to them.

In the meantime, go to our website  Check out the third article on Regional Government. It is actually a PowerPoint presentation. Until next time, Keep up the prayers! (Click to Source)

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