Massive Blackout in Vatican Following Release of Affidavit Revealing Italian Interference in US Election

by travis 20 hours ago

As news of an international conspiracy involving the Italian government to remove President Donald Trump picks up steam, a massive blackout just hit the Vatican.

The timing of this suggests something very big is happening, especially following the release of a sworn affidavit revealing the Italian government played a huge part in the US presidential election.

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Vatican in black out after affidavit was leaked of the Italians involvement in US election Interference

RED 2?

Timing would fit.

May just be coincidental— † Ady Betambeau (@adybetambeau) January 10, 2021

This statement came from Mr. Chin today, via his verified Twitter account. What’s going on at the Vatican?#Blackout #Italy #Pakistan— Toronto Today (@Toronto__Today) January 10, 2021

Reports: The Vatican now experiencing a blackout.— World Wire News (@WorldWireNews1) January 10, 2021

Italy in blackout. 57 million affected.
It’s on people. This is the first thing the military does. Where did the election fraud originate? HERE.— Executive Order News (@ExecOrderNews) January 10, 2021

Vatican and all of Italy power outage blackout.
Reportedly, Pakistan and Iran power out too?🤔
Current Vatican live cam:— Parrish 4 Minnesota (@parrish4mn) January 10, 2021

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Here’s the livestream of the Vatican:

Italy blackout now???— Jeep Girl (@myanchorH619) January 10, 2021

#blackout is trending because both Pakistan & The Vatican in Italy are having a total blackout right now.— Joshua Williams (@joshwilliamsky) January 10, 2021

It’s true. Blackout on the heels of the Italy election interference news.— Jennifer Gardner 🌹🐾✨ (@TylerRose1536) January 10, 2021

The Vatican goes dark. DC is surrounded by NG. Something to see here?#thestorm— GEORGE NEWS (@georgeNEWSclub) January 10, 2021

Enormous generators have been seen in DC!

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What is going on?

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Vatican and Pakistan blackout. Generators in D.C. Wonder why?— President Elect Matt 🇺🇸 (@ihatematt) January 10, 2021 (Click to Source)

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