Where is Trump And Other Breaking “Storm” News

Remember when I told you, “President Trump… [is] playing fifty games of 4-D chess“?

Well, now he is the chess piece, the most treasured, protected and beloved chess piece in the history of the world. What do you do with a chess piece? You move it around. A lot.

We were told he was in Abilene, TX immediately after the drama at the Capitol during the Save America Rally. Then they innocently announced he intended to weekend at Camp David. Naturally, that didn’t happen! Then he was said to be at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

Take another look at his cunning facial expression in the picture above. Do you really think he would actually be where the White House announced he would be!?! C’mon!

So sit back, relax, make some popcorn and enjoy the show, Patriots. Our beloved and duly re-elected President is safe and he will serve another four years. All those “in the know” are surprisingly calm and confident and so should we be.

Why? you ask. Here’s why:

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The Italian Job

Since Election Day, we’ve been told it was China, it was India, it was…well, let me put it this way: We’ve been told that almost every nation including neutral Switzerland had their sticky, little fingers in our election totals. I joked to Michael, “Seems like the USA is the nation that had the least to do with our own election!” (He was not amused!)

Then new news broke and something went “click” in my gut: Italy. More specifically, the Vatican. Even more specifically, George Soros. Duh!

On the 6th of January, Arturo D’Elia signed an affidavit stating that on the “direction of United States persons in the US Embassy in Rome, [he] undertook the operation to switch data from…[Trump] to Joe Biden” utilizing “military grade cyber warfare…via military satellite of Fucino Tower to Frankfurt Germany.” Of course, the CIA was involved and according to Dr. Charlie Ward, it was the Vatican who financed the use of the secure (ha, ha!) military satellite to do this dirty work while Maria Strollo Zack traces it back to George Soros and his ilk as well as “Claudio Graziano, an Italian Army officer; Chair of the European Union Military Committee.”

The list goes on and on, but who funded it? You and I, of course. It goes back to those pallets of cash Obama the Traitor donated to Iran which was then laundered through the UAE. How does it feel to be stabbed in the back with our own hard-earned cash? Not so good!

Last night, Twitter was a-buzz with news that Italian President Sergio Mattarella had allegedly been arrested. Lots of back-and-forth, maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Roads leading into the Vatican were blocked off. There was also a twitter storm claiming the Vatican had gone dark and even claims of “shots fired.” Again, lots of argy-bargy on Twitter. No one knows for sure.


The Undercover Op at the Capitol

As all patriots know, the prepared-before-the-event “official” narrative of the so-called Capitol Riot on Wednesday was pure fabrication. To read what actually happened, click here.

But now even more info is coming out, even shared by General McInerny.

It seems that mixed in with the massive MAGA crowd and the ANTIFA plants were a few Special Ops. This explains why @twinity5 photographed men wearing earpieces and talking “into their collars.” The MAGA crowd wondered who they were. Now we know!

It was they who took the laptops from the Capitol including Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.  The smoking gun of treason in the traitors’ own words. Am I the only one loving this to my bones!?!

Now we know why Nancy freaked!

First she called Mike Pence. Now you would think that after all that good ol’ boy elbow bumping after Pence and Pelosi presided over the Electoral College treason in the wee hours of Thursday morning, that Mike Pence would take her call.

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He didn’t! Pence let Nancy rot on hold for twenty-five minutes and then refused to take her call at all. Gotta love it!

When Pence wouldn’t play ball, Pelosi then tried to throw her weight around with General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ostensibly because Trump is unhinged and she’s worried about him initiating military hostilities and the security of the nuclear codes. Uh-huh.

That, my dear Patriots, is what it looks like when the Swamp panics!!! Beautiful, ain’t it!

By freaking out, Pelosi abused her power, intervened in the chain of military command and could even be accused of staging her own little coup…as if we need more dirt on that pickled ol’ prune. Well pickled, if the rumors of her glug-glug-glug are true!

When that didn’t work, she started talking impeach, impeach, impeach while the Capitol was quietly encircled with a how-did-they-get-it-there-so-fast fence and 6,000 troops. In the words of my Great-Grandfather, “It’s meant to keep some chickens in and some chickens out” and my money is on keeping the chickens in.

Ain’t it grand!?!

And Now?

With all due respect, I hold to my original statement in Hold the Line, Patriots! January 6th was the Glorious Beginning Not the End. I do not believe that any police officers were bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher nor crushed by a door in the line of duty on January 6th. No deaths or even injuries to the police were reported until two days later and conspicuous by its continued absence is an obituary for Office Brian Sicknick whom the Gateway Pundit claims actually perished from an un-riot related medical condition. Sorry but I’m not buying their claim to have martyrs as well. Until something other than officers beckoning and waving the timid MAGA protestors into the Capitol Building emerges, I cry foul!

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Since Wednesday, I finally git it. There’s one set of truth and rules for Thee, but not for Me. The Left can do, say and spin anything. The Right are (mostly) righteous and honest. So we come to the great battle of our times. It seems Good and Evil can no longer grit their teeth and coexist (more or less) peacefully side-by-side in America anymore. I await with great anticipation the second Trump Administration and America 2.0.

We live in exciting yet perilous times. Michael and I, who hardly ever leave Thompson HQ, have seen no less than ten white military buses transporting troops here in peaceful Northern Minnesota. Just imagine how many more troops are quietly being positioned when we’re not looking. I welcome their temporary help. We were told 17 ways from Sunday that the military was the only way and if you do witness action, don’t try to help. I know your brand new AR15 is burning a hole in your gun safe but please! Stay in your home and let them do their jobs as they are highly trained to do.

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It’s no secret that we Americans have big mouths. The Deep State doesn’t like it and the White Hats know we can’t keep a secret to save our lives so comms are being taken down (or crashing!). Some of my best resources for breaking news have been temporarily misplaced and it will get worse in the next few weeks if/when all social media, the internet and/or even the power grid go down as they reportedly did in the Vatican and Pakistan last night.

So as you stash away a little extra food, please also stash away the phone numbers and physical addresses of those you hold dear. I will write as long as the Internet stays up but if all social media and email are removed, please send me any news from your area via homing pigeon or snail mail (P. O. Box 142, Gonvick, MN 56644).

Most importantly, stay calm, have confidence in President Trump, his team and God. “Pray without ceasing.” All those “in the know” are cool as cucumbers and so should we be!

God bless you, God bless President Trump and God bless these wonderful United States of America! (Click to Source)

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