AntiFa Takes Credit For Capitol Riot And Congress Bows Down

by George Eliason January 8, 2021

There was good that came out on January 6th. Trump supporter’s eyes were finally opened to see the twisted world President Donald Trump has endured over the last 4 years. Both Republicans and Democrats are stakeholders in the voting services companies. None of the stakeholders can afford any light be shone publically or in a courtroom on this mess. 

There are still ongoing court cases being pressed. In all this time none of the evidence has been looked at in any of the cases. Any of these cases or the appeals stemming from them can still reverse what happened on January 6th on a Constitutional basis. 

I have not found one of the election fraud cases brought to court against ES&S, Dominion, or related companies over the last 18 years that has been allowed to present evidence. The upcoming cases will be the first time. 

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On January 6th, we were supposed to see 12 hours of evidence supporting Trump’s claims of election fraud to Congress openly with the whole world watching American Democracy in action. The inexplicable failure of Capitol Hill security to secure the building instead for all intents and purposes looks like they are leading the rioters to the Senate Chamber on video is almost breathtaking.

 According to the Cato Institute, “The Capitol Police certainly has enough funding to be prepared. The force has 2,300 officers and a $516 million budget to defend two square miles. In actual or nominal dollars, spending increased from $115 million in fiscal 2000 to an estimated $516 million in fiscal 2021.”

The Capitol Police force, with 2300 sworn officers, is the 12th largest police department nationwide. Its officers are charged with protecting a total of 25 acres. 

By contrast, Portland, Oregon’s police budget is half of that. They’ve been under siege and not supported by the city government for over six months by AntiFa with weapons and they’re doing a much more effective job.

At this point, we need to find out why they did not stop unarmed trespassers who interrupting the most important joint session of Congress in the last 100 years. The video shows Capitol policemen armed with automatic rifles with the protesters on the stairs when Ashli Babbit was shot. 

AntiFa Takes Credit For Capitol Riot And Congress Bows Down

This incident turned the presentation of evidence into another headhunt campaign against President Donald Trump. Instead of the evidence they were supposed to see, the events turned all the discussion to the break in, the shooting, and how Congress was in danger from Trump supporters. This is from the same fearless leaders that called burning five cities a Constitution right.

Over the last seven years, I’ve described the Information Operation beginning in 2014 Ukraine that was turned on Donald Trump which led to the House impeachment proceedings, Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and finally what occurred in the Capitol on January 6th.

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The goal of Information Operations (IO) is to pressure leaders into making the bad strategic decisions you want them to make. This is also done indirectly by putting pressure on followers to act against their own interests.

On January 6th, we witnessed Trump supporters doing just that with what appears to be the boots on the ground component (AntiFa, BLM) leading the way into the Capitol.

The end result was exactly what the people behind this IO wanted. The timing couldn’t be any better. Instead of doing what they came together for, outside pressure enabled an easy out for people like Senator Kelly Loeffler, who needed an excuse to make that kind of exit.

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Outside pressure followed by Congressional denunciations was enough to make fence-sitting Congressmen take the easy way out.

Four years of watching this buildup wasn’t enough to make House Reps and Senators take a stand for the Constitutional rights of 80 million people who wanted the evidence to get a fair hearing.

Going forward, we’ll be opening this up a lot more. (Click to Source)

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