Moms For America Call For Americans to Stand Up, Reject Evil and Marxism

BY GARY DU AND EMEL AKAN January 7, 2021 Updated: January 7, 2021

WASHINGTON—Multiple social figures called on the American people to stand up and oppose the evil and Marxism that have been infiltrating the United States, in the Save the Republic rally on Tuesday.

Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) told The Epoch Times in the rally that she hopes all the events will wake up the American people.

“My hope and dream is that it would wake America up to … the gravity of the place that we find ourselves both politically and morally in our society. And so I’m hoping that people will be awakened and get out of their passivity and find their place in this generation to serve,” Miller said.

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Thousands attended the rally that the Moms for America, a grassroots organization, co-hosted in front of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday afternoon.

“As we have seen, evil has infiltrated all aspects of our society and Marxism has infiltrated all levels of our government. Darkness seems to surround us. That is not our vision of the future, and it is not the life we want for our children. We have, therefore, decided to stand up, speak up, and make sure our voices are heard!” Kimberly Fletcher, president of Moms for America, said a day prior to the legislators challenging the electoral votes of each state.

Miller said that if the Biden administration has its way, it will push its agenda, and “it will be oppressive.” They will open up the borders, stack the courts, stop energy production, get overly friendly with Iran and China, tax heavier, keep the county closed, and mandate masks, she said. “They’ve said out of their own mouths.”

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Fletcher, a mother of eight and founder of Moms for America said that mothers have played a vital role in securing and protecting the Republic ever since the Mayflower landed 400 years ago.

“With the Constitution being subverted, election integrity in question, and the Republic hanging in the balance, mothers are once again rising up to save the Republic for our families, our freedoms, and our future,” Fletcher added.

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Fletcher told The Epoch Times that it’s about their values, not Donald Trump.

“If Donald Trump was a socialist pro-abortion … we wouldn’t be supporting him. We support him because he supports us and our values,” she said. The United States is “so close to communism right now,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher does not take Joe Biden as the biggest threat, but instead, the deceived American people are the largest issue. “Our biggest threat are our neighbors who have bought into this.”

Fletcher expressed her appreciation to those legislators who are challenging the electoral votes and called them heroes who dared to stand up against opponents’ political retaliation. (Click to Source)

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