Congressional candidates sue Newsom, Padilla for election fraud

Posted on 01/06/2021 7:10 am

Biden’s 55 state electoral votes challenged in court

By Richard Stenger/Press California

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LOS ANGELES — In twin court salvos, congressional candidates and legal groups sued California election officials, charging Gov. Gavin Newsom with overseeing a fraudulent and unconstitutional November general election.

A lawsuit filed this week includes hundreds of sworn eyewitness reports of election code violations, irregularities and fraud.

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Besides the governor, other named defendants in the suit, filed by the Election Integrity Project-California in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, include Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Secretary of State Alex Padilla and 13 county Registrars of Voters.

‘We had no choice’

“We had no choice but to bring this federal lawsuit in order to restore integrity to the election pprocess,” said EPICa President Linda Paine on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles-based Primary Law Group is representing EPICa as well as ten congressional candidates. They include Eric Early, who lost to incumbent Adam Schiff (D-LA), and James Bradley, who lost to incumbent Ted Lieu (D-LA).

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“I promised the citizens of this district [CA 33], if there were any shenanigans in the election, I would sue to perform a forensic audit to protect the rights of all Californians,” Bradley said.

‘Blatant election fraud scheme’

“Secretary Padilla issued last minute regulations that violated California law and the U.S. Constitution in a blatant election fraud scheme. You do not dismantle voter integrity rules unless you want to encourage voter fraud.”

Bradley said the violations included allowing ballot stuffing by allowing any piece of paper to be treated as a ballot.

The other candidate plaintiffs are Aja Smith, Alison Hayden, Jeffrey Gorman, Mark Reed, Buzz Patterson, Mike Cargile, Kevin Cookingham and Greg Raths.

700 sworn affidavits

The 44-page legal filing, which includes more than 700 signed affidavits, contends that the state election practices promoted the casting of illegal and unreliable ballots, thereby violating the Fourteenth Amendment.

EPICa has investigated and reported on election abuses for ten years. Rather than correcting the flaws, state officials have created more opportunities for fraud and manipulation in 2020, the group said. Many dead people, non-citizens and non-residents were sent live ballots. Predictably, many were recorded as having voted in November.

“The 2020 election eviscerated citizen oversight, caused mass irregularities and opportunities for fraud, and violated the rights of lawful voters, citizen observers and candidates,” the nonpartisan, organization said in a statement.

Concerns over evidence tampering

Joshua Kroot, an attorney with the Primary Law Group, said the lack of election fairness “strikes at the heart of our republic.”

Unless action is taken soon, the same problematic regulations and practices will remain in effect in the next California election, scheduled for March.

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Due to the possibility of tampering, evidence must be preserved and made available to the plaintiffs’ experts, Kroot said, so that an audit can be conducted to determine the extent of the irregularities and fraud reported.

Decertification would void Biden win

In a legal filing last week, a new conservative activist group called New California State asked the Sutter County Superior Court to void all mail-in ballots that did not comply with California election code due to printing errors.

As the issue was widespread, the group argued that all electoral votes should be decertified.

Election investigators have brought up other concerns since the Nov. 3 election. The majority of California counties use Dominion voting systems, which have been linked to suspicious irregularities favoring Biden in presidential battleground states.

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And in California, according to a data fraud auditor, as many as 1.7 million to 5 million votes for Biden were suspect.

In the unlikely event the plaintiffs succeed in decertifying California’s 55 electoral votes, it would drop Biden’s presumed margin of victory below the 270 vote threshold needed to become President. Congress is scheduled to officially certify the electoral votes today. (Click to Source)

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