Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021:’The Cavalry is coming, Mr. President!’

..When Tears of Despair Become Tears of Joy

By Judi McLeod —— Bio and ArchivesJanuary 3, 2021

In the midst of Joe Biden threatened coming “dark days”, not even a Democrat/Media gang-up can kill America.  America’s life was guaranteed by untold numbers willing to die to defend her.  No Democrat politician, no journalist will ever be stepping forward to do that.

The Democrat, globalist, media cabal stole millions of votes from Americans while they were sleeping.  It was a well-orchestrated move, four years in the making, with the deliberate intention to have America killed off by Socialist overtake.

Giddy with the power of having a media-appointed ‘President-Elect’, they played a losing hand from what started as a dirty deal.

Their House of Cards is about to collapse on them when millions of betrayed patriots march on Washington this Wednesday.

Patriotism calls out so much louder to the human heart than Democrat/Media pre-written narratives.

The first time patriots came out en masse to the Capitol, they were led by a rag tag group of drummers and fifers collected over the Internet for the unforgettable 9/12 March on Washington.

It happened on Sept. 12, 2009, marched us all the way up to Wednesday.

Back then, the helicopter carrying then President Barack Obama was spotted flying overhead by patriots who had come out to defend America by the hundreds of thousands.

Obama, had called for the Fundamental Transformation of America in a presidential election only the year before.

Following his fancy footwork some 11 years later, it is easy to see the self-appointed “Resistance” leader is trying to make an inelegant unwelcome return to the White House via the media-acclaimed ‘President-Elect’, who has already called Kamala Harris, ‘President-Elect’.

‘In America, the call of the drums and fifes is forever’

‘In America, the call of the drums and fifes is forever’ (Canada Free Press, Oct. 6, 2009):

“In those dark hours of the soul when it seems that a shock a day is being launched at We the People from the White House, I return to the drummers and fifers who led the 9/12 march to Washington.

“Listening to—or even imagining hearing—the drums and fifes on that day drowns out the hypocrisy of two community organizers now benefiting from the titles of President and First lady of the mighty United States of America.

“Listening to the drums and fifes wipes out the image of Obama passing out white coats for yesterday’s Rose Garden photo-op during which 150 doctors purportedly helped him to orchestrate the latest chapter in his hard sell Health Care Reform.

“Remembering the sound of the drums and fifes on Sept. 12, 2009 makes fade away, at least for awhile,  the image of a Michelle, self-professed Sainted Sacrificer, and all the Obama czars steadily chipping away at American sovereignty.

“The first time I saw the video produced by Revolutionary-era enactors William Temple and Gene Hoyas, the flow of my own tears forced me to watch it a second time.

“The tears were not because Canada Free Press was there and knew the mainstream media would downplay the numbers who marched to the Capitol.  Nor were they even because people like proud Americans Joe and Kathie came all the way from Panama to be there on that unforgettable day.

“My tears flowed because even in the massive loss of jobs and homes and even having to suffer the indignity of hearing their Commander in Chief apologize for their country, the remarkable passion of the American patriot lives on.

“All drummers and fifers following the lead of Temple and Hoyas in the march were like the throngs who came to defend freedom; they were ragtag.  They had answered the call of Temple’s and Hoyas’ emails, “Come and bring your instrument with you.” They would go on to lead the march for Americans of all colors, all ages, all walks of life.  We the People on 9/12 were Republicans, Democrats and Independents—but patriots one and all.

“Many of those on site did not know that the march was led by the drummers and fifers.  That’s because park authorities forced the march to begin an hour and and 15 minutes earlier then planned.  Swallowing their disappointment, the drummers and fifers formed a line and simply began their march much earlier than planned.  Making the best of it, the crowd, many of whose members had been there since daybreak, set them off with a rousing cheer.

“Dressed in the same clothes as the revolutionaries of more than two centuries ago, the drummers and fifers marched down Washington streets with the same love for America.

“Instead of being thrown off by their unscheduled early start,  they marched resolutely ahead, not knowing what awaited them at the Capitol:  the cheers of more than a million other patriots.

“The words of Gene Hoyas on the video were to be inscribed on human memory forever: “I had never before in my life witnessed anything like this—much less participated in it. At that moment I realized I was about to become a part of history.”

“Even though One Worlders have found the perfect delivery boy in Barack Hussein Obama; even though anger and bitter resentment rather than goodwill seems to now dominate the White House, the flame of American patriotism will never be doused.

“Drums and fifes are part of American history, and just like America, are forever.

As Hoyas explains on the video, people kept coming by any means possible to join the patriots: “Nothing deterred them”.

All of the friends CFP made in Washington at the 9/12 March remain in our lives to this very day.

A recent reminder from our dear friend Pam Johnson brought it all back when she posted on Facebook.  “I marched with William Temple that day.”

We know, Pam, because it was your tears of joy when explaining how 1.5 million people were waiting at the Capitol for the drummers and fifers to arrive that kept CFP and all freedom lovers trucking ever since!

The March for Trump on Wednesday will prove that not even the Democrat/media gang-up can kill America; that not even a stolen election that no one is willing to investigate can kill off America.

Patriotism keeps the much-beloved America alive.

And Wednesday?

As March for Trump Kylie Jane Kremer says: “The cavalry is coming, Mr. President!” (Click to Source)

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