Mask Nazi Coming Out of The Wood Work! – Liberal journo wants to find a f*cking Christian antimasker and ‘beat him to death’

By LU Staff  

Ever since New York Times op-ed writer took the nation aside and patiently explained that there two major political parties in America — those who are civil and those who are Republican — the party of civility has gone out of its way to prove Krugman wrong. In 2017, a Bernie Sanders supporter named James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional baseball game for charity, seriously wounding then-House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. In January of that same year an engineering manager at Twitter expressed his hope that Donald Trump would “die in a fire,” while another employee reviled Trump as “a f*cking idiot” and denounced voters who elected him as “hysterically f*cking stupid people.”

The latest member of the Fraternity of the Preternaturally Civil to make his presence felt bigly is is left-wing journalist and New York Times bestselling author Kurt Eichenwald, who on New Year’s Eve  wished “pain & misery” on Republicans. His fury, however, was directed not at those who had voted for Trump but at antimaskers, one of whom he hoped to “beat to death.”

He also had some choice words for Christians:

You FUCKING “Christians” who preen about God saving you from COVID so you dont need masks. Youre what Jesus condemns. You kill with hypocrisy. Read Matthew 25:41-46. If you realize the Bible is about more than hating gays, you’ll realize: For your selfishness, you’ll burn in hell

In one of his “tamer” tweets, which opened with the uncivil admission that “I have so much hate in my heart tonight,” Eichenwald revealed that his sister, who was widowed by COVID, now is infected with the virus herself “because of antimaskers.”

I have so much hate in my heart tonight. My sister, widowed by COVID, has Covid because of antimaskers. About 4,000 died today; GOP says nothing. @HawleyMO & his ilk are working to harm America. I wish them & their loved ones all the pain & misery they inflicted on this country.

— Kurt “Masks Save Lives” Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) December 31, 2020

But when one of the “unclean” attempted to reason with Eichenwald, he exploded back with more profanity:

BecAuse you FUCKING MORON, masks primarily protect other people. And since 40% of the infected are asymptomatic , the ones without masks are spreading the disease because they don’t give a SHIT about killing others. You are either STILL uninformed or too stupid to care.

— Kurt “Masks Save Lives” Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) December 31, 2020

For the record Eichenwald is no stranger to incivility. In 2017, he hoped that GOP families would “lose insurance and die.” (Click to Source)

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