Flee New York, Save Your Life! – New York Bill Would Allow State to Detain You If Exposed or Carrying Virus

by Liberty Loft NewsJanuary 3, 2021 in Current EventsPolitical

Albany, NY — The New York State Assembly is considering another ridiculous bill as their new session begins this week. Bill A416 would allow the state to designate you as a threat to the public in a pandemic and forcibly remove you and place you into isolation.

The bill is just one of many that have been pre-filed for the new assembly session that starts this week. Under the new order, the Governor could designate a delegee that has the power to forcibly remove you from your home and place you into a special medical facility or isolation area. The expanded powers would fall under NY public health law.

In what sounds more like a concentration or detention camp, New York again leads the way with ridiculous measures to keep their people “under control.” The opinion of who to detain is left entirely up to the Governor. That seems logical right?

Dr. David Samadi shared a brief snippet of the bill that you can read in his tweet below.

The new law does not allow for due process or the ability for someone to appeal. In short, all you can do is simply give in and submit. That sounds just like the type of leadership that the Democrats have been looking for all along.

In what started with simply a discussion about mandating face masks, it has quickly turned into a fight for basic freedoms for Americans. The dictator in New York must be stopped. This type of power is ridiculous and violates the freedom of every person living in New York. (Click to Source)

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