Clinton, Comey and Lynch Exposed for Establishing the Money Laundering Network That’s Bribing Elected Officials and Judges- John Cruz and Dave Hodges

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, January 3, 2021 – 13:04.

In one of the most important interviews in the history of The Common Sense Show, I recently interviewed John Cruz, a former Senior Vice-President at HSBC Bank.

After being honorably discharged from the military, John Cruz had obtained what he thought was his dream position as the Senior VP at HSBC Bank only to realize that this job would become the greatest nightmare of his life and with each passing day his life remains in jeopardy.

Little did John Cruz realize that when began to work at HSBC Bank, he was working for the most corrupt bank in the world. HSBC has become the bank of last resort. When a criminal entity, or terrorist group needs to launder money from drug trafficking, child-sex-trafficking or gun running, HSBC is your bank of choice and the bank was using your stolen social security numbers to facilitate the crimes. Many of you reading these words have had your identity stolen and its being used to facilitate the above-mentioned crimes. And people wonder why identity theft is such a major problem in our country.

The following interview details how John Cruz discovered that his bank was using terrorist money to finance the political campaign of Hillary Clinton and James Comey was a a part of it and people like the future Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch was providing legal cover for the Deep State.

Recent events has shed a new light on John Cruz’s whistleblowing. First, we need to ask an important question: Who owns HSBC Bank? Answer: The Communist Chinese government owns HSBC. According to Cruz the most prominent manner in which HSBC Bank launders money is through offshore entities, like the ones that some of the stimulus money is going. Yes, over $700 billion has gone oversees in the most recent stimulus bill. Only $124 billion went to the bankrupted American citizens. And what is that foreign money being used for. Two confidential insiders tell us that this, in part, is hush money given to key judges to block any consideration of Trump’s election fraud cases, despite having a mountain of evidence to support his claims. Further, some of the hush money has gone to American politicians, including Georgia’s governor’s family member, and key members of Congress.

Who set up this unholy alliance to buy the needed cooperation to end Trump’s presidency by any and all means possible? The CHICOMS and who set this network up? The conspiracy of silence of network was set up by Comey, Clinton and Lynch when they were running interference for HSBC Bank.

The testimony of this one man could put away prominent members of the Deep State. He has given Congressional testimony, but was ignored. 

The following interview with John Cruz exposes the current pathway of corruption, money laundering and bribery. 

It is time to give this man center-stage. Here is John Cruz’s story by clicking here. This is a riveting interview, please make this go viral. (Click to Source)

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