No Vaccine For You!

At any time the COVID Nazis can say “No vaccine for you” if there is a problem, like burned out workers, the government can’t be bothered fixing

By Arthur Weinreb —— Bio and ArchivesJanuary 1, 2021

So sayeth the COVID-19 Nazis. At least not during the Christmas holidays. Ontario is like other jurisdictions where everyone MUST take the vaccine in order to stop the spread of the most over-hyped thing since Justin Bieber came on the scene. If you don’t line up and get your shot, people will die and it will all be your fault. You, that’s right YOU, are causing people to die! So you have to get a shot and the consequences future navigation throughout society without a government issued “Vaccination Card” will be pretty well impossible.

So it was a surprise, or maybe not given the erratic state in which all levels of government operate, that vaccination centres closed down for the holidays. Despite the crisis that caused the elites to close the economy on the word of their WHO and UN masters, vaccinating people during the Christmas holidays was not important.

The 19 vaccination centres in the province closed early on Christmas Eve and then completely shut down on Christmas Day. Dec. 26 or Boxing Day is also a holiday in Canada and only five vaccination centres were open on that day. But geez, Boxing Day fell on a Saturday this year which means Monday the 27th was also a holiday. The province managed to open 10 centres that day. It wasn’t until Dec. 28 that all 19 centres were up and running. (CP24, Dec. 28)

It is also believed these centres were scheduled to close for New Year’s Day as well.

There are a few reasons, some of them speculative, as to why this “crisis” was deemed not to be important enough to continue throughout the holiday weekend. One theory is there simply was not enough vaccine ordered and received and the “pause” was to delay running out. Another one is people administering the vaccine were “burned out.”

Doctors and other health care workers were mad with several saying if staff shortages were the problem they would have gladly volunteered to work in these centres.  The Toronto Star reported there was no shortage of people to give the shots; there was however a shortage of pharmacists needed to prepare the vaccine for the inoculations. If that was truly the case there is no evidence the province ever thought about asking qualified pharmacists to come in to prepare the vaccine. It just wasn’t that important. All those burned out could have temporarily been replaced by qualified volunteers who would otherwise have not been working during the holiday weekend.

And many wonder why a lot of people don’t take COVID, said to be the greatest plague in 100 years, seriously.

The person in charge of the distribution of the vaccine is Gen. Rick Hillier (ret’d), a former Chief of Defense Staff. Having someone associated with the military running the operation just adds to the speculation of those who think martial law is either here or right around the corner. It would be one thing if Hillier was doing a good job but he obviously isn’t. As Joe Warmington pointed out in the Toronto Sun, the virus didn’t take a break during Christmas, vaccinations should not have either.

Hillier admitted he got it wrong and the vaccination centres should have remained open. He of course is taking the fall for Doug Ford and the PC government. Doug Ford, who claims he is “for the people” had no hesitation in paying big taxpayer bucks to the retired general, rather than have a current civil servant in charge. But letting Hillier screw it up puts a little distance between the vaccine rollout and the hapless Ford government.

Of course this helps the government in what appears to be the prime objective of scaring the population into submission, knowing the vaccinations could be stopped on a whim. And of course there will people who will now insist if vaccination centres can be closed on Christmas Day, why weren’t they closed on Kwanzaa and Festivus?

Inoculating the dumb unwashed masses is obviously not that important to the government. And the closure of these centres is further proof COVID-19 is not as serious as we’re being told.

People who really want to get the shot should understand this. At any time the COVID Nazis can say “No vaccine for you” if there is a problem, like burned out workers, the government can’t be bothered fixing. (Click to Source)

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