‘Hezbollah attack on northern Israel is very likely’

Senior officer in northern command warns that Shi’ite terror group Hezbollah is very likely to attempt major terror attack in near future.

David Rosenberg , Jan 01 , 2021 12:46 PM

The IDF is concerned that the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist organization will likely attempt a major terrorist attack on northern Israel in the near future, a senior Israel security official warned Friday.

Speaking with Israel Hayom in a report published Friday morning, a senior officer in the IDF’s northern command said that tensions are rising on Israel’s northern frontier, with a major escalation between Israel and Hezbollah expected.

“The northern border is heading towards an escalation event, even perhaps to multiple days of combat,” the senior officer said.

“I am convinced that an event is going to occur that will be far more intense than the event in Har Dov – something that is liable to cause casualties,” the officer continued, referencing the attack in July by Hezbollah terrorists on an IDF position near Har Dov.

“This means we have to be prepared. The chances of an incident breaking out are only going to increase.”

If and when the attack does take place, the officer added, Israel would respond with unprecedented force.

“We know how to identify everyone who crosses the Blue Line [the Israel-Lebanon border], and we treat violations of our sovereignty differently. We are prepared for any event and are aware that the enemy will try to surprise us.”

“Anyone who tries to harm us, from Iran to Syria, will be met by a strong force in Metullah or Kibbutz Yiftach.” (Click to Source)

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