5 Days to Save a Country: A Patriot’s Action Plan

We can and will destroy them politically if they betray us

By Dr. Brad Lyles —— Bio and ArchivesDecember 31, 2020

We’ve got 5 days to save America.

And, the only way to save America is to forbid the bastardization of our electoral process – to prevent the enthroning of a lie at the heart of our democratic Republic.

In the next 5 days, Patriots need to scream loudly – every minute of every day – on the phone and in emails – at our State and Federal Republican Legislators, demanding these Legislators do whatever they can to save our country – to forbid the fraudulent election of Joe Biden.

Forbid the fraudulent election of Joe Biden

Patriots need to fill full every one of these politicians’ voicemail boxes, traumatize all of the staff in all of their State and Federal offices (politely), shut down the Congressional switchboard with the volume of calls, and overflow their email inboxes.

We’ve got 5 days.

Because January 6th is game day, and the future of our nation is the prize.

On January 6th the House and Senate will meet to count and accept the Electoral College votes – and maybe something else.

Between now and then we must all scream – and harangue – and warn our politicians – even though we know they won’t likely read our emails or listen to our phone calls. But they will notice the volume of calls and emails they receive. And that’s the ticket. So volume it is!

What we want them to do, in particular:

The State Legislators must decertify their own State’s fraudulent Electors – calling out the crime and fraud committed in the Six Swing States.

The U.S. Congress must do likewise – objecting to and refusing to certify the fraudulent Electors of the Six Swing States.

And finally, if all else fails, VP Mike Pence, in his role as President of the Senate, must refuse to accept the fraudulent slates of Electors – even if he does not accept the competing Republican Electors – because if the Six Swing States’ Electors are thrown out – we’ll get a “Contingent Election” – which guarantees a Trump win.

Contingent Election

These politicians must do these things not only because they are right but because they might work to save our country.

The Constitution and Federal law written after the Constitution do not make precisely clear what could happen on January 6th. What Patriots would prefer is that the whole mess ends up in a “Contingent Election,” where each State gets one vote – and since Republicans control the majority of the States – Trump wins a second term.

Actually getting to a Contingent Election is the hard part. In order to do that neither Biden nor Trump can end up with more than 270 Electoral votes. If neither do, then a Contingent Election is required – the same sort of election that gave Thomas Jefferson the Presidency – and Trump wins.

But this would obviously require somehow taking away Electoral votes from Biden. How is that possible?

It’s possible because if a House and Senate member jointly formally Object to a particular State’s Electors – the House and Senate are required to debate the Objection for a limit of up to two hours – reconvene – and vote the Objection up or down. Both the Senate and the House must vote the same way. If they don’t agree the Objection is struck down. And, with a Democrat House – no Objection will ever pass.

But wait… it is possible – though highly unlikely – that the Republicans can ‘run out the clock’ until January 18th, at which time if they are still Objecting and debating – a Contingent Election is required – and Trump wins. 

However, it is hard to see how they could ‘run out the clock’ for so long – since they’re only allowed to debate for two hours regarding each Objection.

So, no Contingent Election.

But wait… many legal scholars believe that the Vice-President, in his role as President of the Senate… is not simply an empty vessel with no powers – required to merely proclaim the (fraudulently)  certified Electoral votes already submitted to Congress. No, it is also theorized that the Constitution itself (12th Amendment) gives the Vice-President authority over whether or not to accept Electoral votes – permitting him to disqualify those he believes are fraudulent – and even to endorse those he believes are not (such as the Republican slates of Electors from the Six Swing States).

Thus, the Vice-President (according to the theories of some scholars) could:

  1. Outright grant more Electoral votes to Trump – thus directly electing Trump President, or
  2. Disqualify enough Electoral votes (due to fraud) that neither Biden nor Trump reach 270, which then hands the Presidency to Trump in a Contingent Election.

How psychotic is this? Pretty psychotic. But then, our country is living through a psychotic, hallucinatory and delusional age.

And the law and the Constitution are not crystal clear about how all of this could or should or might play out on January 6th.

So, buckle up. Keep your hands and feet inside the coaster. And prepare for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Because on January 6th we may witness the rebirth of a legitimate government and a legitimate electoral process – where Donald Trump is declared the winner of an election he already won.

But then again, if that occurs, fire and violence will fill the streets. (Prepare).

Or we may witness a once proud country expire with merely a whimper, quietly betrayed by men and women who knew better but were not courageous enough to save it.

So, between now and January 6th, Patriots need to:

  1. Command the Republican State Legislators of the Six Swing States to do their jobs and disqualify what are obviously fraudulent Electors, whether or not the Legislators go further and elect Donald Trump, and
  2. Command Republican U.S. House and Senate members to Object, Object, Object – as long as possible (to January 18th) to the fraudulent slates of Electors, and
  3. Command all of the above to make their Objections known to VP Mike Pence, to help him justify what he may end up needing to do, and
  4. Vigorously warn these Republicans that if they do not comply with these demands, their political careers are over – because 74 million devoted Trump voters will never forgive them – never – and never forget – and will Primary them and Recall them, and whatever else it takes to punish them for their betrayal, and, finally,
  5. Command these Republicans to use the eyes they have to see and the ears they have to hear to take a look at the evidence of massive fraud in this election and steel themselves to do something about it. (Click to Source)

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