WATCH: Bill Gates Can’t Answer When Asked if COVID Vaccines are Safe

 by David Blackmon

Anxious to go out and get that nifty new COVID-19 vaccine? Well, you might want to reconsider after you watch this clip of Bill Gates failing to form anything resembling a coherent, straight answer when asked if these vaccines are safe:

Seems like a simple “yes or no” question to me – doesn’t it to you? Yet, Bill Gates, the billionaire who the corrupt news media holds out as the world’s foremost expert on this subject – and who stands to profit even more billions from these vaccines – is utterly incapable of producing any real answer whatsoever when asked this seemingly simple question.

This man would make the perfect evil villain bent on world domination for the next James Bond movie, with societal menace Anthony Fauci playing his evil sidekick. Cast him now.

That is all. (Click to Source)

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