The Quiet Voices of Medical Professionals Are Telling Us that the Coronavirus Is Dangerous

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, December 28, 2020 – 13:27

No doubt you have seen the contraindications for taking a medication with the so-called black box warnings that are required by the FDA because every medical intervention has side effects. Our nightly TV experience is inundated with Big Pharma ads that all contain black box warnings. There is one exception to this rule and it is the present set of vaccines designed to mitigate the effects and spread of coronavirus. This must be some vaccine because it contains no warnings, no contraindications. One size fits all and everybody will soon be required to roll up your sleeves. However, I will not be taking the vaccine because as Steve Quayle says “shot in the arm, shot in the head, it does not matter because you are still dead.” 

Developed at warp speed, these vaccines give us much to be concerned about as indicated by the two following emails I have recently received. Also, you may wish to check out my TV show in the few days, as I have unveiled a 3 part series as to what is actually in the vaccine at

Here are the two very telling emails:

Dear Dave,

I have followed your work for years and what you have been stating to the general public is absolutely correct. In some areas of this email, I need to be purposely vague  so I can avoid direct detection as the author of this email. All of my medical colleagues will attest, we are playing in a rigged game. In my present position, I see many deaths in a short time span. Attending physicians would write case notes and we would invariably note the suspected cause of death. When Covid struck, our physicians were told to not list a cause of death. All of us completely understand this was purposely done to artificially inflate the cause of death attributable to Covid in order to receive federal compensation for each diagnosis and subsequent death. I have personally witnessed people who have died from gun shot wounds and kidney failure diagnosed as Covid.

My fellow physicians welcome the fact that we are no longer allowed to list a cause of death because it removes some of the liability we could face from family members demanding answers and ultimately suing. Yet, this illegitimate practice violates everything I believe in as a doctor.

There is another issue that I want to bring to your attention. You have spoken about your concerns regarding the lack of “black box warnings” and the failure to list who should not be taking the Covid vaccine. Your concerns are valid as you have expressed them in your podcasts. We are moving to a demand of 100% compliance with regard to taking the vaccine. Anyone with any knowledge of the medical field knows that this position of one size fits all with regard to this vaccine is ludicrous. If the manner in which Covid diagnoses have been handled, there will be a complete obfuscation of the truth with regard to vaccine anomalies and side effects. Hear no evil see no evil.

My particular area of practice has already received the talk. We are not permitted to speak with the media. When it is our turn, the vaccines will be mandatory.  I am not taking the vaccine.  There are all the indications that a  complete coverup is underway with regard to the lack sufficient clinical trials and contraindications for the vaccine. We are also being told that this the Covid situation becomes much worse a medical state of emergency will be declared and we could be forcibly vaccinated. I fear that this will happen under Biden’s rule. Please bear in mind that there has never been a “perfect medical intervention”—until now.  

Keep up the good work and please package this message so it cannot be traced back to me. I am going to make a stand, but I don’t want it to be over an email. Thanks for your consideration.


This doctor was correct. Recently, I received an email from a medical professional who makes an excellent case that deaths caused by the vaccines will be listed as another cause of death apart from the vaccine.


 Hi and Merry Christmas; I don’t expect a reply but wanted to let you know some info I have as I’m employed by UCHealth in CO as a coding educator (the ICD 10 and CPT codes that are submitted for payment to insurance) and I was an RN before this.

This is text of the e-mail (from the employer):

“For any patient visit that has an adverse reaction/effect to the Covid vaccine and is seen at a virtual urgent care, brick and mortar urgent care or office or ER, until further notice, please defer those encounters. Start with deferring for 5 days and so on until you hear more.”

Then this additional email approximately 5 hours later:

“We have some additional information…For any patient visit that has an adverse reaction/effect to the Covid vaccine (including those that may be an adverse reaction) and is seen at a virtual urgent care, any urgent care or brick and mortar urgent care or ER, until further notice, please transfer those to WQ 39628 PB Coding Supervisor SL 3. Thanks again for all of your assistance with the many charges we encounter!”  

Raised my suspicions – are they hiding these adverse reactions? No news in media on this of course? I audit the coder’s coding  and provide education, so may encounter some of these reports and can share if you’re interested but not anything with private health information … that would violate HIPAA, just the basic facts of reactions. However, I may never see these as they are all being sent  to a separate supervisor WQ? 

Also, I am seeing deaths including cardiac arrest that is attributed to COVID-related cardiomyopathy and even a death due to ruptured spleen that was coded and reported as COVID related (not sure how these are – normally spleen is due to trauma but none reported in this case?) I also don’t know how they determined that the cardiomyopathy is related to COVID? I know you’re aware of over reporting already of COVID deaths, I believe it is pretty big!

Thank you, I appreciate your updates. My sister-in-law is also a nurse and is insisting that all medical information is that this is completely safe. She won’t listen and I’ve become black sheep in family 😦 She sent me a video to “prove” how wrong I am by CBS and a professor of medicine answering questions – like it’s 100% safe and effective (???what/?), will provide 100% protection against you getting so sick that you’d be admitted to hospital (said you may still get minor case of COVID), is safe for ANYONE, including immunocompromised, etc, end advice to get it as soon as you can.

  I think the fix is in for most Americans, all are gaslighted except those listening to you, Steve Quayle, etc 

If enough people refuse, the mandatory nature of the vaccine will disappear. I am not taking this vaccine under any circumstances, how about you? (Click to Source)

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