Explosive Documents! Canadian Prime Minister Requested Chinese Troops Be Stationed In Canada

Infowars.com December 9th 2020, 4:39 pm

Owen Shroyer reacts to breaking news from Rebel News about Justin Trudeau’s capitulation to the communist Chinese government.

According to Rebel News, “Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold-weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and Trudeau raged at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for canceling the training after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.”https://api.banned.video/embed/5fd14ca236e1a46b3edb26e5

Rebel News Network founder Ezra Levant filed an information request with the Canadian government after seeing a Sputnik report about a Canadian official attending an anniversary celebration for China’s navy in April 2019.

The documents the government handed over to Levant have been posted to TheChinaFiles.com.

Ezra Levant provided a comment to Breitbart News:

“I don’t think any Canadians knew that Trudeau has been training the Chinese army, here on Canadian soil, at Canadian Forces Bases. It’s shocking to me that Canada would train a Communist dictatorship in winter warfare techniques that could theoretically be used against us — and will surely be used against our ally India, as well as against Chinese citizens in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong.“The anti-American language in the secret documents is deeply worrying, as it shows that Canada is reorienting itself away from our traditional democracy allies, and towards the world’s worst tyrants — much like Pierre Trudeau tried to do during the Cold War.”

Levant dives into the data dump in the following report. (Click to Source)

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