Double bomb cyclone slams Alaska – Bombogenesis explodes in New England – Explosive cyclogenesis buries Alps in meters of snow

By Strange Sounds -Dec 8, 2020

It’s not even winter and we are experiencing extreme stormy blizzards and cyclonic depressions in most parts of the world. It’s as if we had entered the ‘geologic timescale’ of weather warfare.

Now, do you feel it? Do you feel how they try to control the weather? Here the latest examples of weather modification! Over the weekend, two weather bombs blasted Alaska (a double bombogenesis!) and New England, while a third vicious blizzard is currently dropping meters of snow on the Alps across Europe.

And I forecast this insane extreme weather is going to rage out-of-control over the next few years… But now let’s discuss what happened on both US coasts and in the European Alps.

Double bomb cyclone sweeps across Aleutian Islands, Alaska

bomb cyclone alaska, bomb cyclone alaska december 2020
Monster bomb cyclone engulfs Alaska. Picture:

The first cyclonic bombogenesis of 2020 developped across the Pacific ocean end of last week.

bomb cyclone alaska, bomb cyclone alaska december 2020
Aleutian islands bomb cyclone december 2020. Picture:

A bomb cyclone occurs when a storm rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours.

As shown from the data, the pression at the center of the storm diminished by 72 millibars between last Thursday (1013 mbar) and Saturday (941mbar). That’s a double whammy storm!

  • 1013 mbar at 00 UTC, Dec. 3rd
  • 1007 mbar at 06 UTC, Dec. 3rd
  • 1005 mbar at 12 UTC, Dec. 3rd
  • 998 mbar at 18 UTC, Dec. 3rd
  • 993 mbar at 00 UTC, Dec. 4th
  • 983 mbar at 06 UTC, Dec. 4th
  • 969 mbar at 12 UTC, Dec. 4th
  • 960 mbar at 18 UTC, Dec. 4th
  • 956 mbar at 00 UTC, Dec. 5th
  • 949 mbar at 06 UTC, Dec. 5th
  • 941 mbar at 12 UTC, Dec. 5th

The monster explosive cyclogenesis was accompanied by powerful sustained winds of up to 90 mph (150 kmh) and gusts up to 125 mph (200 kmh)… Yes, that deep has become a very violent North Pacific storm within just 36 hours. Amazing!

bomb cyclone alaska, bomb cyclone alaska december 2020
Extreme winds during the Alaskan bomb cyclone. Picture:

And of course such a violent wind will form giant waves, some models suggesting higher than 16 meters (52 feet) and spreading to the south of the storm’s core.

bomb cyclone alaska, bomb cyclone alaska december 2020
Gigantic waves during the cyclonic bombogeneis. Picture:

You should expect over the next five days lots of snow (150 – 200 cm or 4.9 – 6.6 feet) inland along with far western Canada and southeast Alaska.

bomb cyclone alaska, bomb cyclone alaska december 2020
Snow forecast for Alaska and Canada in the aftermath of the terrible storm. Picture:

Bomb cyclone Nor’easter hits New England

The East Coast has just experienced its first nor’easter of the season. And this first winter storm has even intensified into a bombogenesis!

New England was in the eye of the cyclone with 70 mph sustained winds and reports of widespread power outages in Maine (200,000) and New Hampshire (60,000).

Up to one foot was reported in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and Paxton, Massachusetts. 17.9 inches of snow fell on Mount Washington, New Hampshire.

Extreme snow storm in the Alps

The worst affected areas have been the Dolomites, Veneto (e.g. Cortina), Sudtirol (e.g. Alta Badia), Trentino (e.g. Madonna di Campiglio), Lombardy (e.g. Livigno), Carinthia (e.g. Nassfeld) and Osttirol (e.g. Lienz).

These areas have typically seen between 1.5m and 2.5m of new snow above 1800m since Friday, with 3m or more in places.

There have even been reports that 1.9m of snow fell in the village of Kornat in Carinthia in just 24 hours.

Yes! It seems that winter has struck with a vengeance in some parts of Alaska, New England and alpine Europe with plenty of bombogenesis, blizzard conditions, snow and high winds. And the winter has not started yet! (Click to Source)

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