Our Nation Is Under Attack Via Acts Of War By China, Iran

by L Todd Wood November 26, 2020

Democrats Have Committed Treason…The Obama Administration Was Traitorous

America is under attack via acts of war by Communist China and the terrorist Islamic regime of Iran. Attorney Sidney Powell filed evidence in GA and MI last night, detailing the conspiracy by the Chinese Communist Party, Iran, and the Democratic Party to swing the 2020 U.S. presidential election via cyber warfare against the American people.

The Democratic Party has committed treason against the nation.

It is time to realize and admit what is happening, and take appropriate action.

It is now obviously proven the Obama administration was not only corrupt, but treasonous. They allowed the infiltration into our ranks of Islamic and Chinese agents, enemies of America. Our military and security agencies are compromised. Our law enforcement agencies are as well.

America is in a very dangerous place.

We should expect kinetic warfare soon from China, terror attacks from Iran.

Chinese President Xi has made his move and will not back down, for if he fails to colonize America, he will be removed from power.

It is time to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. We need to put our faith in our elected leader – Donald J. Trump.

The so-called election will be overturned. However, the battle to restore America will have just begun. The traitors have to be removed from our midst, and punished. We need accountability and we need it now.

Patriotic Americans need to get behind the President for the future of our children.

This is no different than the attack on Pearl Harbor or 9/11. (Click to Source)

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