‘High Noon’ Arrives In America As Groundwork To Arrive At Democrats Tyrannical Endgame Is Completed: Leftists Busting Out ‘Madame Guillotine’ Is A Call To ‘Prepare To Defend’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die November 2, 2020

With what will be the most dangerous election in US history now only a day away, and the very real possibility of ‘total war’ coming to America no matter who wins on Tuesday with antifa already terrorizing Americans as Susan Duclos pointed out in this November 1st ANP story, according to Betsy Brandner Smith, a retired Police Sergeant who is the spokeswoman for the National Police Association, those antifa terrorists are structured just like a radical-Islamist terror cell

And with radical leftists once again calling for the ‘targeting of Conservatives’ as the Daily Wire reports in this new story, with the far-left group ‘Shut Down DC’ targeting Conservative organizations as ‘Trump Boosters’ while putting their names, addresses and phone numbers onto another ‘online intimidation map’, this attempt by ‘Shut Down DC’ to ‘silence and intimidate’ President Trump supporters is just the latest attempt by radical liberals to terrorize Conservatives as we had also reported in this October 22nd ANP story

With that ANP story titled “Are YOUR Name & Address On ‘The List’? Fascist Leftists Putting The Names And Addresses Of President Trump Supporters Onto Online ‘Intimidation Map’ Never Learned From History” warning we should expect radical leftists like ‘Shut Down DC’ to terrorize patriotic Americans because of the map published listing Trump supporters names and addresses, as we’d also warned in that story, those law-abiding Trump supporters should prepare to defend their homes and families, especially with radical leftists already firebombing the homes of supporters of President Trump. You can contact ‘Shutdown DC’ at info@shutdowndc.org or media@shutdowndc.org

So while we once again pray for America to make it through this election unscathed, and surely hope that another Civil War in this nation can be avoided because we’d be falling right into the globalists/deep state sinister trap if Civil War breaks out here, as Survival Dan warned in this recent story, we should all be prepared for AT LEAST 3 to 5 months of leftists burning down America, no matter who wins the election. 

With radical leftist Keith Olbermann recently issuing calls for Trump-supporters to be ’rounded up and removed from society’ should Joe Biden win on Tuesday, while radical leftist Robert Reich calls for a ‘truth and reconciliation commission’, as this story over at the Chicago Tribune points out“why not just call for guillotines” on the streets of America the way this is all headed? From that story before we continue.:

Just as Democratic Party elites and Big Tech try to stamp out the Hunter Biden email story comes another angry demand: Truth and Reconciliation Commissions. 

Chew on the chilling, delicious irony as Joe Biden tells us he wants to heal the nation while pundits of the left, backing Biden, seek tribunals. There’s nothing like punishing your opponents in the name of national healing, non? Or is that, oui? 

“When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” tweeted Robert Reich, the progressive former Labor Department secretary to former President Bill Clinton and adviser to President Barack Obama. “It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.” 

And after the public show trials, are the guilty humanely offered blindfolds and a last cigarette? A cafe Americano might be nice. 

Among Republicans, the outraged hot take on all of this is to bring up George Orwell’s “1984.” “It’s Orwellian,” they say. But Orwell’s “1984” was a soulless world ruled by dispassionate intellects. Their terror was numbing and methodical. These Reich/Hayes Truth Commissions are tinged instead with the angry passion of the zealot seeking revenge. It’s rather French. No, not the France of today, but of the French Revolution, of tribunals and trials and the Reign of Terror, the France of the Jacobins. 

Unfortunately for those who say they wish to heal the nation and bring back decency and compassion, threatening voters who dissent might be the wrong approach. Yet it has been a theme of Democratic political actors and pundits across social media platforms since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016. It may be why many who detest Trump’s boorish public behavior and presidential tweets aren’t drawn to Biden and the (likely next) President Kamala Harris. On one side they see Orange Man Bad. But on the other, they see the glint in the eyes of the Jacobins and Madame Guillotine, waiting. 

But the left’s Truth Commission idea is a new wrinkle in an old skin. It comes as Twitter and Facebook act as State Media to suppress the stories about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine, China and elsewhere published in the New York Post… 

Today’s Truth Commission zealotry causes me to think of a priest, a father of the French Revolution named Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, commonly known as the Abbe Sieyes. In order to keep his head amid all that frightful head lopping that he helped start, the good Abbe renounced his faith and swore his oath to the new state. Before the peaceful end of his life in 1836, Abbe Sieyes was asked: What did you do during the French Revolution? “J’ai vécu,” he said. “I survived.”

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While antifa and black lives matter would love for Americans to look upon them as ‘mainstream groups’, as National File had reported in this October 30th story, if that were the case, ‘radical leftist terrorism’ would be the ‘new norm’ in America. And now we even have the Associated Press justifying the recent radical leftist beheadings in France! 

With it already proven that ‘black lives matter’ was founded by someone who describes themself as a ‘trained Marxist’, as National File warned within their story, far from being just ‘an idea’ as Joe Biden recently described antifa, their structure is far more like an Islamo-fascist terror cell than some ‘organic group’ that just happened to ‘spring up’ in America. From that National File story before we continue.:

Antifa, the organization that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said was more an “idea” than anything else, has a structure that resembles that of a sophisticated Islamofascist terror cell one national law enforcement organization has declared. 

Retired Sergeant and spokeswoman for the National Police Association, Betsy Brandner Smith, refuted Biden’s off-the-cuff dismissal of Antifa stating that it is a dangerous organization with an organizational structure akin to an Islamic terror cell. 

“Antifa is more than just an idea, Antifa has quite a history, going back to the 20s and 30s and Hitler’s brown shirts and then we come into the anarchists of the 60s through to today,” Smith said in an online interview. 

Attorney General William Barr said Antifa is a “revolutionary group” dedicated to establishing Socialism in the United States, so the groundwork is set to arrive at the end-game: Communism. Barr described the group as “essentially Bolsheviks.” Bolsheviks were an extremely radical, revolutionary Marxist faction that ended Tsarist Russia over 100 years ago. 

Smith said Democrats struggle to identify Antifa because there is “no head of the organization,” and “no real paramilitary structure.” 

“The left likes to be able to go to a blue-checked Twitter account and say ‘okay, this guy’s the head of Antifa.’ That’s now how it works,” Smith said. “Anita’s structure is really more like that of an Islamic terror cell, something like that. But just because we don’t have a paramilitary structure for Antifa, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.” 

Marxist-Progressives understand Antifa’s structure and routinely engage them to implement chaos so that they can set the groundwork for transformative change via voters at the ballot box. 

Smith explained, “What we have to do is look at their actions. For example, we have dealt with for quite a while in this country, going back to radical Islam, these lone-wolf terrorists who, are they a lieutenant or a captain in ISIS? No, that’s how we have to look at Antifa. Do they follow the beliefs of Antifa, do they dress like Antifa, are they mobilized as part of Antifa. And that’s what we’re seeing and I think we’re about to see it again this weekend.”

And Smith’s warning of leftist chaos and violence exploding in America is also what we’ll likely see all the way through the start of 2021, and possibly way beyond then should President Trump win the election, with even a Joe Biden win likely bringing radical-leftist terror to US streets as well. 

As Mike Adams warned in this October 29th story over at Natural News, with the very real possibility of ‘total war coming to America’ after Biden is defeated on Nov. 3rd, we should all be getting prepared for every ‘worst case scenario’ that we’ve ever imagined. As the American Conservative had warned in this story titled “Left Summons Demons Of Ideological Terror”, with leftists across the country busting out their ‘guillotines’ in attempts to intimidate President Trump supporters, we’d be fools to just ignore their actions. 

With that story pointing out that many liberals still wonder why so many law-abiding Conservative Americans are buying lots and lots of guns and ammo, as Front Page Mag pointed out in this recent story, the reason is clear“High Noon” has arrived in America. Warning within their story that “just like the movie, Trump makes the last stand against violent outlaws”, as we hear in the must-watch 1st video at the bottom of this story, with leftists busting out the guillotines, we should all be getting prepared for the most dangerous election in US history. From the website ‘We the Governed’.:

Recently, Leftists in America are becoming more and more associated with the image of the guillotine. Mock guillotines show up with increasing frequency at protests, and along with the clenched fist, hammer and sickle, and Molotov cocktails, this has become a common symbol of their movement. If this was a rare occurrence, I could dismiss it as bored Antifa/BLM groupies practicing their arts and crafts skills, while taking a break from their study of intersectional systemic structural racism and “fiery but mostly peaceful” riot planning. The coast-to-coast appearance with increasing frequency of this Leftist icon is worth noting. 

The guillotine became most famous as the preferred tool of the French Revolution where the successful Revolutionaries chopped off the head of the king, the queen, and thousands of nobles. Eventually, of course, it was used to chop off the heads of their fellow Revolutionaries (something few modern “woke” folk want to remember) , and in total, this humble device was put to use ending the lives of roughly 17,000 in a few months (many more were killed using other methods). Good times were had by very few. 

In America, the use of the guillotine as positive political imagery has not been common until recently. Now, it appears the left has adopted this icon and fetishized it as part of their street theatre and imagery. For those of us who don’t spend our nights trying to commit arson, tossing rocks at police, or violently assaulting the police, this might seem a little odd. However, I’ve been told I’m no friend to the Revolution, so I wouldn’t understand. 

I guess that is true. I don’t understand how the guillotine as a symbol of your movement is helpful to promote peace, but then again “peace” appears to no longer be the goal. That peaceful façade has been scorched away with “fiery, but mostly peaceful” violence. The challenge for those who don’t appreciate and endorse arson fires, don’t usually attack police (even when we get an obnoxious speeding ticket), or who don’t want to assault or maim those with whom we disagree politically – a guillotine icon is not likely to improve the Leftist image or win more “peaceful” converts.

The Left can pretend those guillotines are only for the “rich” or the police, or the political opposition, but average people see the message of violence and destruction. 

Of course, you can call me crazy, but I’m never going to be on the same side as the guys with the guillotines…

But with the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution still, thankfully, the ‘law of the land’ in America, those radical leftists busting out the guillotines have clearly forgotten that America’s Founding Fathers gave Americans the ‘right’ and ‘methods’ to ‘resist’ such ‘tools of terror’. And should any guillotines be used against Conservative Americans in the near-future being absolute proof that ‘Civil War 2.0’ had begun, as Mike Adams had warned in this October 29th story, nothing less than the future of ‘free America’ is at stake. From that story before we conclude.: 

The Democrat puppetmasters are leaning toward their nuclear option. This option is a “Zero Day” attack on America’s infrastructure. This attack is likely to include: 

Mortar attacks on police stations and fire stations (China has supplies BLM terrorists with 60mm mortars) 

Kinetic attacks on power grid substations and power generation plants (to plunge the nation into Joe Biden’s “Dark Winter”) 

Violent uprisings in the streets, where Leftists deploy firearms and bombs to start mass killing conservatives and Trump supporters 

Door-to-door executions of Trump supporters, conservative news reporters and Christian leaders 

Bombings of government buildings with high explosives (C-4) 

Shutting down national transportation by fire bombing bridges and roadways while sabotaging rail lines nationwide 

Cyber attacks on hospitals, government offices and telecommunications infrastructure 

The result would be the plunging of America into chaos and civil war, which would open the country up to an invasion by communist China, the very same nation that already runs Big Tech, much of the mainstream media (see this story for details) and nearly all high-level Democrat politicians (including Dem Senators). 

Be prepared for these possibilities, and make sure you are ready to defend yourself, your family, your community and your nation.

As mentioned previously, in the 1st video below we’re warned we should all be getting ourselves prepared for the most dangerous election in US history, especially with the very real chance that Democrats will absolutely explode should President Trump win again and Joe Biden aligning himself with some of the worst tyrants in global history on ‘government’ and ‘gun control’

And in the 2nd and final video below, former US Navy Seal Matt Bracken is interviewed by Adams, with Bracken warning that ‘election chaos’ is surely ahead for America, so we should all be prepared no matter who ‘appears to win’ on Tuesday, with the very real chance that a ‘winner’ may not be decided until December or even 2021. (Click to Source)


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