Pandemic – Deadly Diseases – OUTRAGE: Australian family fined $10,000 for buying vitamins, take-away meals

By Avi Yemini|October 11, 2020

I had so much fun visiting Joshua and Ailes Deen, and their beautiful children, that I almost forgot the ugly reason why I was there: the family has been smashed by an outrageous $10,000 pandemic fine from police.

It makes no sense. None of this does.

They were simply driving to get some food and vitamins. They apparently crossed some imaginary line on the map — that’s what police say — and so they each received a $5,000 fine. Each — both mom and dad got the same huge fine. I’m only surprised that they didn’t fine each of the children $5,000, also. 

Where is the common sense? Where is the discretion of the police officers? Surely someone in the state of Victoria can see that fines like this aren’t just irrational — they’re devastating to real families.

The Deens are just a family trying to survive in these difficult days; Ailes recently lost her job, so it’s not easy making ends meet. Imagine having to pay $10,000 in fines on top of that.

It’s devastating. They simply can’t pay it. We’re not going to help them pay it. No: we’re going to help them fight it!

We’ve hired a top Melbourne lawyer, Madeleine Smith, who has agreed to take the Deen Family as a client — and to send us her legal bill. We’re going to crowdfund that for the Deens.

Are you with me? This is now the third “Fight The Fines” case we’ve taken in Australia.

You can see the others at — and that’s where you can also chip in to help cover the legal fees for Australian citizens being flattened by outrageous fines. And if you have received a fine, too — or know someone who has — that same page has an easy to fill out form for people who need our help. We’ll try to help as many people as we can. (Click to Source)

The Deen family needs our help — let’s be there for them!

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