Lawlessness and Famine – Complete Breakdown Of Civilization Has Already Begun And Total Anarchy Will Follow The Upcoming ‘Meal Shortages’ That ‘Feed America’ Is Warning Us About

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLineOctober 10, 2020

When civilization breaks down, a number of other events follow, like dominoes falling one by one.

Rioting, looting, arson becomes something seen so often it appears almost daily on local news stations. Lawlessness in some areas goes unchecked because law enforcement officers have become the targets of violently lawless gangs rather than the enforcers of law. Innocent citizens just trying to go about their lives become targets of gangs and thugs.

All of that has already occurred in the last few months, so we are already on our way to utter and complete lawlessness in America.

When there are no more laws, no rules, no enforcement of the laws that are already on the books, civilization as we know it now, ends.

I am not saying everyone in the nation dies, but civilization itself dies, which leads to total anarchy, food riots, open fighting on the streets and more.

The anarchist won’t be the only ones fighting it out on the streets of America as every day Americans try to fight through the gangs and thugs in order to scavenge their own food to feed their families.

Sounds like a movie script doesn’t it?


Those that have been watching world events, and been prepping for any scenario where they would have to fend for themselves, are definitely way ahead in supplies, gear and survival skills, but it is clear that even those of us considered “preppers” cannot even imagine exactly how bad things will get when civilization itself ends.

Anyone that thinks for one second “it can’t happen here,” is in for a rude awakening, because all one has to do is look throughout history to see that “it” can happen, anywhere and to any population.

While not a huge fan of Wikipedia, when it comes to straight up descriptions, they are sometimes right on point.

 Societal collapse (also known as civilizational collapse) is the fall of a complex human society characterized by the loss of cultural identity and of socioeconomic complexity, the downfall of government, and the rise of violence. Possible causes of a societal collapse include natural catastrophe, war, pestilence, famine, and depopulation. A collapsed society may revert to a more primitive state, be absorbed into a stronger society, or completely disappear.

Throughout history, once thriving societies collapsed for a variety of reasons, as described by HowStuffWorks, but more importantly in that same article, we see what Historians agree is needed as a glue to hold civilization together.

Historians offer varying lists of criteria for civilization, but most of the lists include the following important factors:

  • A large, centralized population
  • A surplus of food
  • A centralized government
  • Religious unity
  • A complex division of labor
  • Money collected through taxes

This list hardly covers everything, but it should give you an idea of the various glues holding a civilization together, as well as what can go wrong.

Think about how much of that “glue” has already been lost in America.

We are a divided population, culturally, politically and societally. 

There is no longer the same surplus of food we once had as reports about broken supply chains, lack of inventory available, are being seen more often. 

Government is as divided as the rest of us, where political points mean far more than protecting America.

Religious unity is not what it once was, as many of the churches have given up on right or wrong, and those of true faith are being persecuted around the globe.

Hey, we still have taxation!!! Yet even that has become a political fight as liberals think the rich need to pay even more, despite the fact that it is the “rich” already carrying the nation.

The “glue” holding the American society and civilization together, is awfully thin at this point and pretty much everyone agrees things are getting worse, not better.

Below is just a small compilation sample out of many, of what is being seen across the nation, which the MSM is rarely reporting on anymore because the “mostly peaceful protests” aka riots backfired against Democrats that previously incited them at every opportunity.

Just because they are not reporting it nationally, or are burying it so fast no one noticed, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, although that is what they want you to believe.

That video clip is just one out of hundreds upon hundreds published over the last few months. No one can claim that is “normal,” or part of a “civilized” society, not when these people are acting like savage animals, publicly and on camera, against anyone that disagrees with them ideologically or simply refuses to agree with them or interact with them.


Once we say local reports about these rioters now marching into private residential neighborhoods, threatening and terrorizing entire areas, we saw the writing on the wall.

Added to everything that has been causing nationwide unrest, we now see the food shortages reported on earlier, were just the tip of the iceberg.

Survival News (H/T Steve Quayle)

Feeding America, the nation’s second largest charity and a “leadership partner” of Monsanto, has issued a dire warning that serious food shortages are on the way for millions of Americans.

With 22.3 million people in America – this is up from 18 million back in March, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey – now relying on food banks to survive, Feeding America is expecting to see a massive shortfall in available meals over the next 12 months.

In a statement, the nationwide network of more than 200 food banks, which collectively serves more than 46 million people, announced that it expects to see a “10 billion pound shortfall (of food) between now and June of 2021 – the equivalent of 8 billion meals.”

Back in July, Feeding America “estimated the total need for charitable food over the next year would be an unprecedented 17 billion pounds, more than three times the food bank network’s last annual distribution of 5 billion pounds.

Granted those are food banks and other places that distribute food, but it doesn’t take a huge leap to see if food shortages hit one area of the U.S., food shortages in other areas are not far behind.

Independent Media readers are generally more prepared than the typical 9-to-5 American, and we do see more and more stories of people starting to stock up on foods, water, medical supplies and other basic necessities, which is a sign of many awakening.

 Another indicator of Americans “seeing” the dangers ahead, is gun and ammo sales spiking throughout the nation.

We see the uptick of Americans awakening and starting to prep as testimony of how Independent Media readers, share, email, discuss these issues with others not quite as awakened, because seeing a video like the one above of the rioting and out-of-control liberal neighborhoods just allowing anarchists to take over their cities, leaves no room for doubt as to what is happening from coast to coast.

People may not want to see it, but once they have….it cannot be unseen.

Awaken who you can, hunker down, lock and load and keep an eye on what is happening, not just close to you, but all across the country because it is getting to a point where these domestic terrorists will come close to your city, town or village, and then you will have to fight to survive, just like a “Mad Max” world.

What you see below is not the America I grew up in and love, but rather the result of politicians inciting violence, the media helping them and protecting them by not informing their audiences of what is happening with increasing frequency.

Last but not least this is the result of a generation of “trophy” babies that were never taught right from wrong, were not disciplined as children, and grew up thinking their “feelings” trump logic and intelligence. (Click to Source)

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