America Sleeps As Agenda 2030 Strategies Are Conquering America From the Bottom Up In Our Local Towns and Counties

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 – 12:10

Over 18 months ago, a former researcher of The Common Sense Show found that fake degrees, generated from the diploma mills of major universities, such as Texas A & M,  were being handed out so that undeserving liberals could be promoted into the upper echelon of society. Some of these undeserving indiviudals were undocumented migrants. All were extreme liberals who were trained to play a role. And what was that role? These liberals were being trained to run for office as Republicans, but they are actually Trojan Horse Democrats designed to fool the average voter and once they were elected, they would wreak Agenda 21/30 havoc on their respective communities. These pretend Republicans run for District Attorney, City Council, County Commissioner, etc. Local politics is beginning to see this phenomenon in greater numbers. The CSS also exposed the fact that these pretend Reublicans are fast-tracked to being judges and we now why know so many bad legal decisions are being made. Many of these people who are recruited are gangsters. Not suprisingly m, not all, but many come from the Sinoloa drug cartel.

In this series of two articles, two brief examples of this trend which involves taking over America from the bottom up are offered. San Bernadino County (CA) and Mohave County (AZ) are offered as examples of how America is being conquered from the bottom up. Part One of this series will cover the unconstitutional actions of the San Bernadino County Commissioners. Part Two will deal with Mohave County, AZ. 

America’s Local Communities Are Being Taken Over by “Pretend” Republicans

In many cases in this country, the extreme Democrats, some masquerading as Republicans, are circumventing the Constitutionally protected civil liberties of their citizens in order to obtain extreme liberal goals associated with groups like the Social Justice Democrats, the leadership and rank and file of the Democratic Party as well as many George Soros “front groups” that are seeking to overthrow the American Republic and replace it with a communist government devoid of Constitutionally protected civil liberties. It is standard operating procedure for communist governments, overt or disguised, to fail to have any semblance of the rule of law where a pre-agreement exists that the statutory power of the government is limited, and it is replaced by government rule by mandate/edict. Such is the case in San Bernadino County. It should be noted that the Social Justice Democrats are the ones that recruited and funded AOC and her infamous squad. In Arizona’s hotly contested Senate race, that will decide which party controls the Senate, Democrat and CHICOM sympathizer, Mark Kelly, has helped to fund the rise of the squad. He is, in effect, a Social Justice Democrat. This type of takeover is common across America.

The San Bernadino County Communists

The County Commissioners of San Bernadino County have granted themselves the permission to bypass the legislative process and award a single individual the power of law and subsequently bypasses due process. In an action on October 6, 2020, the San Bernadino County Commissioner gave dictatorial power to this health officials which makes there whims carry the rule and force of law. See Below:

1. Approve introduction of ordinance relating to enforcement of COVID-19 public
health orders, declaring violations of orders of the State or County Health Officer
related to COVID-19 to be unlawful and a public nuisance and authorizing the
issuance of administrative citations.
2. Make alterations, if necessary, to proposed ordinance.
3. Approve introduction of the proposed ordinance.
4. Read title only of proposed ordinance, waive reading of the entire text, and SCHEDULE
FOR FINAL ADOPTION ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2020 on the Consent Calendar.

(d) The penalty imposed pursuant to this chapter shall be limited to violations involving the gathering of participants in excess of five hundred (500) or more persons at one time, such as, but not limited to, sporting events, rodeos, or music events and shall not exceed $25,000.00 per violation and in no case shall be less than $5,000.00.

This one action by San Bernadino County gives one health official the complete power of law. Their word is law and there is no legislative or judicial oversight. This is total communism just like what we find with Governor Whitmer of Michigan who just had her unconstitutional lockdown struckdown by the Michigan State Supreme Court. The major reason why Whitmer’s edicts were outlawed is because she bypassed her State Legislature. This is exactly what is happening in San Bernadino county. This is government by decree and this is how Agenda 21/30 takes over a community. Subsequent to writing this article, I had a coversation with New California’s President, Paul Preston, and he said this unconstitutional action is repeating itself across California. 

The communist actions of the San Bernadino County Communists are not unique, it cannot be overstated strongly enough that this is becoming common practice. As the Soviet Defectors of the 20th century predicted, America is being conquered from the bottom up. One San Bernadino resident summed up these communist transgressions  in the following manner:   

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors wants to adopt a “resolution”  to make all health officer orders become LAW!!!

This is a nightmare of the highest proportions!!

Do you realize what this means?!?

ONE PERSON has the power to make LAW?!?!?


This proposed “resolution” breaks so many laws it makes my head spin.NO INDIVIDUAL CAN MAKE A LAW!!!

No governor can make a law.
No mayor can make a law.
No city manager can make a law.
No judge can make a law.
No sheriff can make a law.


ONLY a legislative body can make a law!

Yet, the CORRUPT San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors is trying to re-write the Constitution!!



As bad as things are in San Bernadino County, this pales in comparison to what is happening in Mohave County (AZ) and this will be the topic of Part Two of this series as we discover how the Ducey mafia has taken over almost all of Arizona’s local communities on the part of covid vaccine and testing manufacturers. (Click to Source)


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