Millions of locusts devastate fields, crops and pastures in Chile

By Strange Sounds -Oct 4, 2020

Inhabitants and small farmers of Agua Amarilla and the Huacho in Combarbalá, Chile are facing the invasion of millions of locusts, devastating crops, trees and pastures.

Heavy damage has already been reported in both communities, with people starting to worry for their livelihoods and asking officials to eradicate the insect plague.

The flying insects move westward within the region of Combarbalá a trail of devastation behind them.

Here another video too:

First investigations show that the locusts are the endemic Chilean species Elasmoderus Wagenknechti (Orthoptera: Tristiridae), also known as “Lobster of

Historical books indicate that such gigantic plagues have already occurred in the past around 1970 and to a lesser extent between 1996 – 1999. But nothing similar since.

Back in June 2020, Argentina was badly hit by another biblical plague of locusts. (Click to Source)

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