Your Daily Readings – Verse of the Day – Psalms 112:5 – The Scriptures by Institute For Scripture Research – 2009 Edition – September 7, 2020

Psalms 112

Godliness has the promises of this life
1 Aleph Praise Yah! Blessed is the man, Who fears יהוה, Bĕt Who has greatly delighted in His commands.
2 Gimel Mighty in the earth shall be his seed, Dalet The generation of the straight ones shall be blessed.
3 Hĕ Wealth and riches are in his house, Waw And his righteousness is standing forever.
and of the life to come
4 Zayin Light has risen in the darkness to the straight ones, Those showing favour, Ḥet The compassionate, And the righteous.
5 Tet Good is a man showing favour and lending, Yod He sustains his matters in right-ruling.
6 Kaph For he is never shaken; Lamed The righteous is remembered forever.
7 Mem He is not afraid of an evil report. Nun His heart is steadfast, trusting in יהוה (Yahweh).
8 Sameḵ His heart is upheld, he is not afraid, Ayin While he looks on his adversaries.
9 Pĕ He scattered abroad, He gave to the poor, Tsadi His righteousness is standing forever. Qoph His horn is exalted with esteem.
The prosperity of the godly shall be an eyesore to the wicked
10 Rĕsh The wrong one sees it and shall be vexed; Shin He gnashes his teeth and shall melt. Taw The desire of the wrong ones does perish.

The Scriptures by Institute For Scripture Research


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