Pestilence in the Last Days – BREAKING NEWS: Ohio Health Dept. Issues ORDER for “Non-Congregate Shelter” of “Asymptomatic” People in CAMPS – over COVID-19


In a stunning display of arrogance and tyranny, Lance D. Himes, the Interim Director of the Ohio Department of Health, quietly issued an ORDER on August 31 which deals with putting people in camps if they “have tested positive for COVID-19” even if they are “asymptomatic.”

The ORDER is utterly without precedent in the history of our nation, insofar as it declares that the ORDER will apply to:

1) “. . . those who test positive for COVID-19 but do not require hospitalization . . .”

2) “. . . those who have been exposed to COVID-19 but do not require hospitalization . . .”

3) “. . . Asymptomatic high risk individuals needing social distancing as a precautionary measure . . . “

Here is an excerpt from the actual ORDER:

Which of these categories do YOU fall into?

This ORDER establishes that “non-congregate shelter” will be established on the campuses of Colleges and Universities throughout Ohio.

The ORDER grants IMMUNITY from Civil Liability to Colleges and Universities on whose properties these camps will be set up, and ORDERS those colleges and Universities to make the camps “secure” . . . . 

Here is the actual, signed ORDER:

The obvious questions arising from this are:

a) If a person “tests Positive” but the CDC’s own web site says a positive test may mean the person has been exposed to the same virus which causes the Common cold, then what are they being put in a camp for?

b) If a person has “been exposed” but does not require hospitalization, then by what probable cause does the state presume to take away their freedom?

c) If a person is “Asymptomatic” but is considered “High Risk needing social distancing” what constitutes “High Risk?”

Are you beginning to get a sense of exactly how broadly this ORDER is worded?

Based upon this, one might think that the citizens of OHIO are the property of the state, to do with as the state sees fit.   

Now, lets suppose a person falls into one of those categories and the state SEIZES them and puts them in a camp?  How long do they have to stay?  The ORDER doesn’t say.

Could it be they have to stay . . . . UNTIL THEY AGREE TO TAKE A VACCINE?

Could it be they have to stay . . . . forever?

This is one of the reasons the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment.  This is tyranny.   

If someone comes to you and demands you take a COVID-19 test, you, as a free person, can refuse medical aid.  Under this ORDER, it appears you cannot refuse because the state claims the right to “investigate” spread of disease.

If they do not have proof that you are sick, it appears they intend to manufacture proof by forcing you to take one of their tests!

If you refuse the test, what then?  Do they say they have to put you in a camp because they can’t tell if you’re sick?

That would violate the Fourteenth Amendment requirement of Due Process and would also violate your Fifth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure, since they do not have probable cause to TAKE your blood for a test.

If you are “Asymptomatic, but considered a “high risk individual who needs social distancing” how do they determine who is “high risk?”   When does the “high risk” end?    How long would you need this “social distancing?”  

None of these questions are answered.  

The people of Ohio need to commence an IMMEDIATE effort to RECALL Governor Mike DeWine from Office unless he FIRES this Interim Director of Health.  

If the people of Ohio do nothing to protect themselves from these camps, then they DESERVE what they’re going to get when they’re forced into these camps.

As for folks in the other 49 U.S. States, has YOUR department of Health issued similar ORDERS?  You’d better check.  Fast. (Click to Source)

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