Mike Evans Says David Wilkerson’s Prophecy of a ‘Plague Coming to New York’ Is Being Fulfilled Before Our Eyes


I recently spoke with Mike Evans, who shared a word with me that was absolutely powerful. He says that when he picked up his Bible one day, a handwritten note from the late evangelist David Wilkerson fell out. The message it contained shook Mike to his knees.

The note was from a meeting he had with Wilkerson—or Brother Dave, as Mike calls him—at the Embassy Suites near the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in 1986. The letter was to Rev. Richard Dortch, who ran PTL under Jim Bakker.

Mike read the letter aloud on my podcast. It said: “Within 12 months from the date of this letter, the judgment of God will fall on PTL. You are fornicating with brick and stone. Flee now and repent. Bats will fly through the empty building.”

Exactly a year later, the Charlotte Observer broke the PTL scandal that involved Jim Bakker. (He has since repented and been restored.)

But that wasn’t the only prophetic word Wilkerson gave. He also said: “I see a plague coming on the world, and the bars and churches and government will shut down. The plague will hit New York City and shake it like it has never been shaken. The plague is going to force prayerless believers into radical prayer and into their Bibles and repentance will be the cry from the man of God in the pulpit. And out of it will come a third Great Awakening that will sweep America and the world.”

You can click here to request to read the full message.

But how could something so terrible lead to an awakening of that magnitude? Mike says this is how God often works. If you look at the first two Great Awakenings, they came around times of hardship.

“The two Great Awakenings that America has [had that shook] the entire nation happened around the time of the American Revolution and the Civil War,” he says. “… The pilgrims came to this country on fire for God, but their children didn’t. Their children became cold in their souls. And America started pushing away. And then all of a sudden, here comes this manifested Great Awakening that shook the nation. And then you had the American Revolution. You had another one, and you had the Civil War. And I thought, Wow[Wilkerson] said there’s going to be a third Great Awakening.”

Could it be that this COVID-19 pandemic we’re experiencing is the trial that will usher in the next Great Awakening?

Mike says for that awakening to happen, God needs to uproot idols from this nation.

“People have taken and allowed things to become their idols; money and materialism has become an idol of their success and the reputation has become an idol,” he says.

Even Trump has become an idol for some Christians, Mike points out. All this must go. God demands our whole hearts and nothing less.

“I think that God is shaking us because He’s taken all of our security away,” he says. “All the things that [made us] comfortable [have] been removed.”

Make sure you listen to my full interview with Mike Evans. What he shares is powerful and, if believers truly listen to his message, I believe we could see another massive awakening in our country. Today, as you celebrate Good Friday, may your heart rid itself of every idol so you can make way for the glories to come. (Click to Source)


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