First Australia Takes Guns, Then Forced Vaccine, Arrests For Bad Thoughts

by L Todd Wood September 2, 2020

See How That Works?

First they come for your guns. Then they force you to take an experimental vaccine. Then they arrest you for bad thoughts.

See how that works?

A pregnant Australian women was arrested recently in her pajamas in front of her children for posting bad thoughts on Facebook, officially for ‘incitement’…ie, organizing a rally against lockdowns.

All of her computers and devices were also seized.

Australia’s liberal prime minister has also declared the experimental Chinese coronavirus vaccine’s will be ‘mandatory’.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison — who originally declared on Wednesday the vaccine would be “mandatory” before revising his language to “encouraged” — added to speculation by suggesting that the “no jab, no play” framework used to compel uptake of childhood immunisation could offer a model for coronavirus vaccination too, reported ABC News.

This comes after Australia essentially banned firearms for ‘self defense’ in the latter decade of the 20th century. (Click to Source)

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