A third of Americans say they will not get a coronavirus vaccine: poll

by Bryan Brammer · Sep 1st, 2020 4:08 pm 

Last Updated Sep 1st, 2020 at 11:09 pm

A third of Americans said they would refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine, provided one is developed, according to a new multinational survey.

In an Ipsos survey of nearly 20,000 adults from 27 countries conducted on behalf of the World Economic Forum, 33% of Americans polled said they “somewhat disagreed” or “strongly disagreed” with the statement “if a vaccine for COVID-19 were available, I would get it.”

The other two-thirds of respondents said they “somewhat agreed” (32%) or “strongly agreed” (35%) with the statement.

The Ipsos polls are roughly in line with previous polls conducted by Marist Poll and Gallup which discovered that 35% of Americans would not get a coronavirus vaccine.

Ipsos MORI poll

The poll also found that vaccine intent in the United States was lower than the average across the other 27 countries, with Russia taking the lowest spot.

Vaccine intent was highest in China, where the global pandemic originated. Ninety-seven percent of Chinese respondents said they would get a vaccine if one were available.

American respondents cited four specific reasons why they would not get a coronavirus vaccine:

  • Worried about potential side effects (60%)
  • Did not believe it would be effective (37%)
  • Said they were against vaccines in general (20%)
  • Felt they were not enough at risk (19%)

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