“Our Kiss to Israel”-Song of Repentance – The RiverWinds

First Nations elders from many tribes came to Israel in 1999 and they were the first to speak words of repentance for a tragic event that took place in 1939. The Chiefs and Elders of many nations felt they needed to repent to the Jewish people because Turtle Island is our homeland and we are the original authority over our ancestral lands. The repentance was in regard to the St. Louise also known as the “Voyage of the Damned” The St. Louise set sail from Hamburg, Germany to Cuba on May 13, 1939. In Cuba they were denied entry and then later, within sight of the city lights of southern Florida, the ship was refused entry and was turned around. There were over 900 Jews trying to escape the death camps on this ship and although some were able to escape into other countries many died in the concentration camps. Being denied refuge in the Caribbean and then the United States their lives and future had been decided for them. 2012, three years after the First Nations delegation publicly repented in the State of Israel the the United States Department of State formally apologized in a ceremony attended by Deputy Secretary Bill Burns and 14 survivors of the incident. The survivors presented a proclamation of gratitude to various European countries for accepting some of the ship’s passengers. A signed copy of Senate Resolution 111, recognizing June 6, 2009 as the 70th anniversary of the incident, was delivered to the Department of State Archives. Healing must begin instead of holding on to wrongs of the past and it comes through with compassionate words from our heart filled with good medicine. The First Nations have also survived a holocaust which took a similar amount of lives as the Jewish people. Through this shared understanding of historical trauma we can help build a bridge of healing and hope. We pray that the healing continues and that reconciliation continues because through it there comes restoration. My wife and I were raised by pastors and the First Nations delegation are Believers in Chief CornerStone Yeshua. In a continuing stream of living waters the song “Our Kiss to Israel” is on behalf of the church. Dr. Laralyn RiverWind wrote this song 10 years ago and we waited until The Creator opened every door for releasing this song during a kairos season. There are approximately 300 holocaust survivors left and the majority now are children who escaped the horrors of genocide. We must make every effort to help them heal from the wounds of their past through your calling to a ministry of reconciliation. Go to the website, the song is FREE, and sign the petition! http://www.OurKisstoIsrael.com

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