God Is Calling His People To Unite Against The Gates Of Hell


“The gates of Hell shall not prevail over my church”

Christ gave us our call to arms. Now that we see the gates of hell spreading its filth it’s time for all to unite. What is our armor? We are armed with the armor of God.

Even Christian leaders are falling prey to the filth from the gates of hell.

These were my very first thoughts as I read this article this morning. In tears and shock my spirit cried out to God.

The article was titled: North Carolina teens are going viral for reading ‘WAP’ to an evangelical minister protesting outside an abortion clinic.

That song is pure filth, the filthiest defilement ever vomited from the depths of hell. I can’t even repeat one line of what was spewed to this man of God. It was performed by a female scantily clad with psychedelic hair and jewelry, the perfect picture of a human possessed with evil.

I can’t scream loud enough that it’s time for all Christians to unite. In fact I am beginning to believe that a revival that many speak of is really a cry from God for His church to unite before it’s too late. It’s time to circle the wagons,tighten up the flanks and unite. God is calling the whole body of Christ. All denominations to unite and take a firm stand or we are in danger of not overcoming. Our voices do matter. Time is growing short. This November don’t vote for a man. Vote for principals of faith. Vote for life, vote for morals our land was built on. It’s imperative! Gods judgement is swift. We will not be held blameless. Pray like never before. Talk to those around you. I was at a Walmart recently and waiting in line behind an African American man. I only point that out to show we’re one big family in Christ. Anyway I realized I had gotten very close to him and I still don’t know why I said this except God wanted me to. I said I’m sorry if I’m too close, I still don’t get or like the social distancing rules. He turned and looked at me we both had masks on but our eyes connected and he said I don’t like any of this. And our conversation turned to Gods judgement and how swift it’s coming. He pointed out the hatred overtaking our land. And we both agreed God was our only hope and it was going to get worse. As he finished and left he turned and said it was good talking to you Sister. I said same to you Brother, God Bless you. There is no color in the body of Christ. We are all one big family. It’s time to talk to each other, it’s time to let your light shine! Find a talking point and talk to those around you. There’s a reason for pastors performing the exercise of, turn to your neighbor and shake his hand. It’s to prepare us for this very time we are in. We were born for this very time. Now answer Gods call and push back against the gates of hell.

Remember if you want the blood of innocent babies on your hands vote for the candidate that supports the above article and infanticide and abortion. Or the dark spirit that sides with violence or oppression. It’s a battle for not only our souls but the soul and heart of our country.  (Click to Source)


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