Torah Commentary – Shoftim “Judges” – Quit Observing Torah!

Torah Commentary
Shoftim “Judges”
Deuteronomy 16:18–21:9
Isaiah 51:12–52:12
2 Kings 7-9
Quit Observing Torah!
Now that I have your undivided attention, please continue to read.
I have been on this journey for a number of years now and have come to the conclusion that we all should quit observing Torah.  To understand what I am saying pick up a dictionary or do a quick search on the definition of the word observe.  See what I mean?  The word observe means to watch or look at something.  Is this what we are to do with Torah?  Are we simply supposed to watch the words of Torah pass in front of our eyes on a weekly basis?  Should we simply look at the words year after year?  I think not!
Look for a moment at Deuteronomy 16:20 and the above words will become a bit clearer.  In this verse we see that we are to pursue justice.  The word translated justice is the Hebrew word tsedeq, which is much better translated righteousness.  The verse further tells us what to do with this word.  Note that is does not say we are to observe righteousness, but rather we are to pursue righteousness.  Back to the dictionary and we find the word pursue to be an action word of following something in order to catch or attack it.
So now, what is this righteousness we are told to pursue.  Is it Yeshua and His righteousness lived out in our lives that we are to pursue or rather is it the works of obedience to Torah that we are to pursue?  The answer of course is yes, or “C” for “All the above.”  At least that is how we should see the answer if we are looking with a Hebrew mindset instead of a western mindset.
Now let’s go back to the difference between observe and pursue.  Anyone can be Torah observant.  All one has to do is to look at the words on a weekly basis to be Torah observant.  To be Torah pursuant is another matter.  To pursue Torah one must put body, soul and spirit into the mix.  To pursue Torah we must throw ourselves into it like an athlete training for an event.  We must determine to eat, drink and sleep as we press on toward the mark as Paul would say as he drew close to the end of his own journey of Torah pursuance.  Paul would tell the Philippians that in the years since meeting the Torah face to face that he had pursued, but had never attained. It would only be in his death that the goal would be met.
In a few short weeks we will come to the end of our Torah cycle and begin again in Genesis.  Maybe now is a good time to look back and ask a question.  In the past year have we been more Torah observant or Torah pursuant?  Have we been spending more time looking at the words of Torah or pursuing in order to catch and possess the treasures that it holds for us?  The answer of course is a personal one for each of us, but it is an answer that we should pursue.
Yes, Genesis chapter 1 is just around the corner.  How about making the decision before we get there though to never again be Torah observant, but rather pursue each word of life that Torah holds.  Who knows, maybe in pursuing the written word, we may find a greater relationship with the Living Word.  I for one cannot think of a greater goal or a greater reward. (Click to Source)
Shalom and Be Strong,
Mike Clayton
Joined To HaShem


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