Russia Says There Is Major Information War Against Their Vaccine…And Frankly They Are Right

The Kremlin said this morning ‘there is a major information war against their vaccine’; frankly, looking at yesterday’s and today’s Western press, it seems they are right.

Much criticism has been leveled at the Kremlin over its alleged short cuts when developing this medication, like launching the vaccine prior to phase III trials and not publishing information at the time of registration. These seem like valid criticisms.

However, why the massive pushback in the Western media over this vaccine development? Could it be that Big Pharma sees its profits at risk due to Moscow’s impertinence?

Russia Says There Is Major Information War Against Their Vaccine...And Frankly They Are Right
Screenshot CNBC

We have already seen how the media and even the U.S. government has waged a nasty information war against hydroxychloroquine, that pesky little fifty-cent pill that threatens the $3,200 treatments of Remdesivir, Fauci’s horse in this race. If the corrupt pharma/big government cabal can do that to a drug that has been deemed safe and effective since early last century, they can easily do it to an upstart vaccine that threatens their hundreds of billions in profits from a potential vaccine in the West.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks” to quote Shakespear.

“Some foreign colleagues, who must have felt certain competition and competitive edges of Russia’s product, have been trying to express opinions that we find totally groundless,” said Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

The absence of love is to ignore; in this case, the corporate media complex is all-in against the Russian vaccine. They certainly are not ignoring its launch.

Whether Russia rushed development, and whether their product is safe or not, shouldn’t the market deal with this problem? Not corporate media shilling for their clients?

If the Russian product was that inferior, wouldn’t Big Pharma just ignore?

Only time will tell the truth here, but again, the propaganda is very interesting. (Click to Source)


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