Israel Extends Coronavirus Quarantine Orders to All Arrivals, 50 Cases Confirmed

Netanyahu announces ‘tough, but vital decision’ ■ Order for Israelis effective as of Monday, foreigners as of Thursday ■ Visitors in Bethlehem told to self-isolate ■ Four cases confirmed at AIPAC conference

Haaretz – Mar 09, 2020 11:04 PM

As the novel coronavirus continues to rattle the world, Israel and the Palestinian Authority are grappling with containing the outbreak.

■ All Israelis returning from abroad are ordered into a 14-day quarantine. Starting Thursday, non-Israelis will have to prove they are able to self-quarantine

■ Wary of Trump, Netanyahu overrules Health Ministry on U.S. coronavirus quarantine

■ 50 Israelis have so far tested positive for coronavirus, known as COVID-19; thousands have been placed in isolation; 38-year-old Israeli man from East Jerusalem’s condition worsens

■ Palestinian Authority bars all foreign tourists for two weeks, closes Bethlehem churches and mosques with 25 confirmed cases of virus and one in Tul Karm. Thirteen U.S. nationals are quarantined in Bethlehem hotel

■ Energy, tourism shares fall sharply at the Tel Aviv stock exchange, in keeping with stocks worldwide (Click to Source)

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