This Heroic, Red-Pilled US Veteran Broke Free Of The Matrix To Help Lead The Fight Against The Evil Group Of Monsters Attempting To Overthrow America From Within

– It’s Time To Protect America: WE Build The Wall!

Special Guest Submission to All News Pipeline by Barbara Stein

March 22, 2019

What if… you were an American, a good, intelligent, dedicated young man – an idealist. The America you’d been raised in was based on individual freedom, high moral values, the U.S. Constitution, hard work and faith in God. It had traditionally defended and taken in oppressed people and helped right wrongs and injustices around the world. When you came of age, you joined the military to serve, ready to fight, sacrifice and even die for your country.

What if… you deployed overseas and were so severely wounded in action that you lost three of your limbs and nearly died. After coming home as a triple amputee veteran awarded the Purple Heart, you fought an even tougher battle: healing over many painful, arduous months. With the support of your loving family you became well and whole again.

What if… while laid up over those months you took a serious look around your country and began learning some shocking things – your beloved America had been infiltrated by an evil, organized group of monsters; they had gained key positions of power and were hell-bent on taking complete control. You discovered the cause you thought you’d been fighting for was merely labeled good; it was actually based, not on freedom for all, but on greed, corruption and control of all by an elite few who planned the eventual takeover of the entire world. A comic book script made real. America was in the process of being commandeered by a dark force, disguised to dupe good men like you into supporting, fighting and dying for its own sinister agenda. You’d been living in the Matrix, tricked into being a pawn. You felt very, very angry and decided to take the Red Pill.

What if… you then began scrutinizing this “Deep State” cancer within U.S. government, researching its nefarious plans, to learn the extent of the threat. You found that these traitors, working with their Globalist masters, were attempting a coup to take over America. As part of their strategy, they were pushing a mega Trojan Horse across the U.S. southern border, consisting of millions of Third World people thinly disguised as poor, oppressed “immigrants” begging for shelter and asylum. In reality, most were young, fighting-age men and armed terrorists brazenly given a paid ticket by our enemies. You learned this fifth column tactic was meant to melt the glue holding together the social fabric of America, to bring about internal chaos and violence. It was part of a much bigger, long-term plan to conquer from within, to morph America into a key segment of a New World Order.

What if… you heard millions of fellow Americans asking, demanding their government fulfill its duty to protect them by completing the southern border wall. You knew that, like you, they recognized this urgent need, but most elected representatives in Washington refused to listen, let alone act. In fact, they consistently blocked President Trump’s attempts to finish the Wall, because they either were the enemy or had been taken hostage by them.


U.S. southern border wall construction. (Source: Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters.)
What if… one day you had an epiphany and understood the Wall could only be finished if American citizens took control and completed it themselves. Someone had to organize and lead them, so you made the courageous decision to do it. Your family and friends were firmly behind you as you dedicated your time and energy into pulling together the resources needed. You created a nonprofit organization, We Build the Wall, Inc., to raise $1 billion toward finishing the barrier. Brilliantly using the Internet as a base of operations,, you reached out to America, working tirelessly to achieve the goal.

What if… The result was an immediate, incredible synergy and momentum that has, after only a few months, brought in over $20 million in donations from applauding citizens across the U.S. President Trump has given WBTW a thumbs up. Landowners along the border and non-governmental contractors who will work to construct the Wall have eagerly jumped onboard.

If… you are this person, the one who has accomplished these things, then you are veteran USAF Airman Brian Kolfage, the man who has succeeded in launching a most critical mission – to protect our country against its enemies and to Make America Great Again by building the Wall. You are the real deal – patriot, leader, fighter, winner – a true American superhero!  (Click to Source)


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