Torah Commentary – P’kudei (Accounts) – Now What? – SCRIPTURES FOR March 9, 2019

Torah Commentary
P’kudei (Accounts)
Exodus 38:21-40:38
1Kings 7:13-26
2Corinthians 9:1-15
Hebrews 9:1-14
Revelation 11:1-13
Now What?
The last chapters of Exodus speak of putting the instructions of the Tabernacle and garments into reality. As I read the details, I can sense a growing excitement in the camp of the Hebrews. With each item completed and each curtain sown, the excitement builds. At one point the people become so enthralled with the experience that their giving has to be halted by Moshe. The people are giving too much! Consider that one.
The days would turn to weeks and the weeks to months, then in an instant, it was done. We just can not imagine the emotions behind Ex 39:43 as Moshe and the people looked at the completed work of the Tabernacle in front of them. Not only was it finished, but it was finished exactly as Moshe had told them to do, exactly as he had been shown on the mountain. Consider that one. Not a single man’s opinion had entered into the equation.
The final pieces are put into place, but now what are they to do? Moshe had been told to build it and the people all come together and did it. Yah had told them He would then inhabit this tent, but what was that going to look like? They had not been given those instructions and in the excitement of coming together as one for the purpose of building the Tabernacle, no one had thought to ask.
I can just imagine these people, Moshe included, standing there at the base of Mt. Sinai and looking at this structure. Now there is one thing I have learned through my years of serving HaShem is that He acts like He has all the time in the world. What are the chances the glory did not come into the Tabernacle five seconds after it was finished? What are the chances that He waited just a little longer than most of the Hebrews thought He should wait to do something. What are the chances the people were getting a bit antsy and uncomfortable with their, “Now what?” looks.
I, for one, sure hope someone got a video of what happened in Ex 40:34, because I doubt anyone could possibly put the event into words. The glory enters the tent at a level that Moshe could not even walk in? It must have been a “WOW!” moment for all.
So what have we learned from these 16 chapters on the Tabernacle?
  1. We must have a model to go by: We can not think we can come up with our own model, ie, different days and diets, and expect Him to show up.
  2. We must have a pattern, and the pattern in Scripture is clear. It takes time, effort and giving of ourselves to be a Tabernacle worthy of His presence.
  3. We must have authority:  Not only must we submit to His authority, but also to those on earth He has chosen to lead us.
  4. We must leave our opinions at the door: His way of doing things is not open for our interpretation.
  5. We must expect the unexpected: The day we have it all figured out of how everything is going to happen will be the day nothing happens. Well, it will still happen, but we will miss it because we may be looking the wrong direction.
  6. We need to keep our poles in the Ark and our tent pegs shallow: Remember those poles which were to be left in the Ark? Remember that the tent pegs were only to be half in the ground and half out of the ground? The purpose was to be a reminder that this Tabernacle is not to stay in one place and become a museum. It was to be a guide to take the people home. And guess what, He still is! (Click to Source)
Shalom and Be Strong,
Mike Clayton
Joined To HaShem
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