India-Pakistan collision: So the first F-16 of history was shot down

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The first official F-16 fighter jet shooting is a fact! How was the Pakistani fighter battling down from a subordinate second-generation old Soviet fighter such as the MiG-21 ?

It was, of course, the unofficial shooting of the Turkish fighter F-16D by Greek militant Mirage 2000EGM in 1997, but the event was not officially recognized, although it happened, secondly it was the result of a jamming / crash, not a classic jet-combat.

According to Indian Air Force, the MiG-21, which shattered the Pakistani F-16D Block 52, was part of a formation of 8 Indian aircraft consisting of 4 Su-30, 2 upgraded Mirage 2000 and two MiG-21 Bison hurriedly to intercept a large “pack” of 24 PAF fighters.

A MiG-21 operator was anarchist Abhinandan Varthaman and his aircraft was armed with air-to-air missiles Vympel R-73.

The Pakistans had sent 8 F-16, 4 Mirage III and 4 JF-17 “Thunder” with another six to follow on a bombing mission to Indian facilities in the Kashmir area of ​​Noah.

The Indian Air Force Headquarters says “the engagement lasted 90 seconds.”

In 90 seconds the Pakistani F-16 unleashed two US-AAM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles and the MiG-21 broke down the Pakistani fighter shortly before it was defeated by another Pakistani F-16.

As soon as Pakistani fighters were identified by Indian AWACS, command of fighters from the Avantipora, Srinagar and other airfields was rushed to intercept.

“The MiG-21 was closer to the PAF fighters,” an Indian official said.

Flying at a height of about 15,000 feet, the MiG-21 trapped the F-16 while it was at 9,000 feet. The ‘Bison’ pilot made a dive to make a better shot at the F-16.

Then the Pakistani F-16 began escape maneuvers. He made a sharp rise to 26,000 feet.

Until that time, the MiG-21 pilot had performed maneuverably with precision and skill and was found behind the F-16 with a 60-degree angle at a distance of about three kilometers.

Then he unleashed the Vympel R-73 (NATO-based Archer AA-11) who found his goal.

But another F-16 unleashed a AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM, striking the MiG-21 of the anti-Zimbabwean anti-hacker who had just dropped out.

“There was no signal from the MiG,” said an Indian official and added:

“It all ended in 90 seconds.”

The missile R-73 (NATO Code, AA-11 ‘Archer’) is an enhancement of the earlier Vympel R-60 (AA-8 ‘Aphid’) and is ideally suited for air combat with a minimum range of 300 meters.

It fights MiG-29/31, Su-27/33, Su-34/35.

Watch the video here.

An Indian journalist argues that part of the jet has been recorded between Indian and Pakistani fighter jets. (Click to Source)

Embedded video

Ajay Jandyal@ajayjandyal

Now its time when pakistan should admit and share details of its Wing Commander Shahzad-Ud-Din of No 19 Squadron (Sherdils), pilot of the F-16 who was killed in @IAF_MCC action in Nowshera sector LoC#Surgical_Strike_2


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