Torah Commentary – Vayak’hel – “And assembled” – Breaking the 80/20 Rule – SCRIPTURES FOR March 2, 2019

Vayak’hel”And assembled”
Exodus 35:1-38:20
1 Kings 7:51-8:21
Romans 1-5
Breaking the 80/20 Rule
It has been said that twenty percent of the people in the world do eighty percent of the work, while eighty percent of the people just sit around and watch them work. Based on my observations of people through the years I would say this may be a bit optimistic. This may be fine though for the world because they really do not have a purpose or a destination to give thought to. What happens though when this statistical rule affects the people of Elohim?
Ask yourself a few questions before we go on. Have you made the choice to be a part of the Kingdom of The Almighty? If so, are you made in His image? Do you think for a moment that He created you and called you to just take up space and suck in oxygen everyday? Do you think that maybe if He went to all the trouble to create you, call you and redeem you that He has a purpose and a plan for your life? Do you think you should, as a follower of The Most High be part of the eighty percent who do nothing of value in the world or part of the maybe less than twenty percent who work to make a difference? I think the answer is quite clear!
One reason many people never do anything is because they have not been told they have a purpose in life or if they have a clue about this they are not sure how to get going. They have never been instructed in how to take that first step. In the wilderness, HaShem took care of this with specific plans for a tabernacle they could build. The people had specific plans and instructions and on a daily basis could see the work and progress taking place before them. Today our job is a bit harder to envision. We do not always see the fruit of the labor on a daily basis and can at times loose track of the importance of the task at hand. This is one of the reasons many people never make it on board; they cannot see and envision the importance of the task.
There is another group who never get involved. They sit on the sidelines for a wide variety of reasons. They may be lazy, self-centered, selfish of just down right unconcerned about what happens around them. The world is all about them, their blessings, their “Getting Fed”, or some other self-envolved excuse. They live by the motto, “Bless me and mine, us four and no more.” If you are part of this crowd you are probably not reading this commentary so I am not going to spend much time talking about them. In the end they are a waste of time anyway.
I do however want to address many people who are kind of caught in the middle of the 80/20 rule. You are not part of the workers and givers that Moses knew, but you desire is to do something. You are just not sure what to do. Let me give you some help. How do you get started? You get started the same way you drive a car, by starting it and putting it in drive. Many never do anything because they are afraid of starting or they are waiting for someone else to start it for them. Go ahead and take the chance by deciding to do something! Need some help with ideas, read on.
Moses worked with a group who were willing to work. Ask yourself before you go on if you have a willing heart. If you have read this far the answer is probably yes. Now find somehow that you can bless someone today. Hold a door open at a store for someone or give a dollar to that person holding the sign on the corner. Yes, they may be a scam, but it may be the test is not for them, but for you. How about calling the leader of the congregation you attend and asking what work needs to be done. If cleaning the restroom is beneath your thoughts, it may be that is just where you need to begin.
Of course I cannot write this without a word on giving. This is where some will decide to stop reading because they have more important things to do. If you are that person it is you I am writing to. On a weekly basis so many people listen to Internet Radio, Video Streams and the like, but have never given on dime to help with the expenses of these teachings. People think just because it is free for them that it is free to the person or ministry that provides it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you are receiving blessing from a ministry today, you need to help keep it going, not so you can continue to receive, but because it is the right thing to do.
Moses broke the 80/20 rule in the wilderness and the end result was a Tabernacle erected for The Almighty to dwell in. Just think what we could do together if we each decided to do what we could personally do and break that rule again? (Click to Source)

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