BREAKING NEWS 2:03 PM EST — India has begun a massive artillery attack on Pakistan, with 155mm artillery raining down on Pakistan along the “Line of Control (LoC).”  Ferocious fighting is taking place, spreading and getting worse.


As most of you my already know, for fifteen years (1993-2008), I worked with the FBI.  My final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) wherein I was a “fully operational” national security intelligence asset.

According to sworn testimony in Brooklyn federal court in December, 2009, from Assistant Special Agent in Charge Amy Pickett, of FBI New York City Division, people like me handled “national security, terrorism and foreign counter-intelligence.”  This information came out in Brooklyn federal court during a trial in December, 2009.

I was also granted “full operational authority” by the FBI Office of Intelligence, for “extra-territorial” operations; meaning I was authorized to work outside the United States.  When I worked overseas, my activities were coordinated with the CIA, but I did not work for the CIA.

In my role with FBI, I forged relationships with many people in Intelligence Agencies around the world.  I worked with foreign government agencies similar to the US CIA, worked with foreign Military Intelligence, and worked with numerous foreign law enforcement agencies.   My work for FBI ended in late November, 2008, but I maintain my contacts with my former colleagues to this day.

The information below comes from those former colleagues, several of whom are still with the Intelligence Agencies of foreign governments, and others who may still work for the US government . . .


At least ten people are dead so far, reported to be at least 5 Pakistani soldiers and 5 other civilians.   Houses are reportedly being demolished as artillery shells rain down.

There are now ALSO reports that India is allegedly firing MISSILES, and that Pakistan is firing Missile Interceptors.  Video below seems to prove Pakistani claims of firing missile interceptors:




2:07 PM EST –– Seven civilians killed,  more than 25 injured. 

7 houses destroyed in cross LoC shelling by Indian Army.

Shelling reported from Poonch, Kotli, Tatapani, and Neelum sectors.

2:10 PM EST — Every sector of Azad, Kashmir is being shelled by India Artillery


As clashes at LoC continue, a feeling of remorse is setting in within Pakistani circles. Many people (in media, military, intelligence, diplomatic and political circles) are feeling that Pakistan has given too much of a concession to India by returning the captured India fighter pilot shot down earlier this week,  in return for nothing . . .


 2:14 PM EST — India using short range missile in Nakyal and Samani Sector.  3 civilian casualties in Nakyal so far.


2:48 PM EST — So many wounded that Hospitals in northern Pakistan now facing shortage of blood. People around the area are requested to donate blood to nearest hospital in Kotli. Urgent need: O negative


3:21 PM EST — According to locals, India fired short range missiles on civilians in Kotli Azad Kashmir. Pakistan army destroyed two missiles in air & one hit civilians.

30 civilians KILLED so far; hundreds are injured.

3:33 PM EST — A former IC colleague of mine, who I know personally, has talked to multiple Pakistani soldiers currently posted at the LoC and to many other people who have talked to their friends at LoC. There are VERY SEVERE clashes going on between India & Pakistan right now.  May continue all night.   Likely to get FAAAAAAR worse.


4:01 PM EST — My contacts just told me that India is using 214mm Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL). This is very heavy firepower, definitely far heavier than the usual artillery duels.  FILE PHOTO below:

Pakistan is now allegedly responding with the M115 Howitzer; FILE PHOTO Below:


Both India and Pakistan have what is called an “Escalation Ladder” on how they will – theoretically – respond to hostilities between the two countries.   THE CHART BELOW SHOWS EACH SIDE’S “STEPS:” (Click Image Twice to enlarge)


4:48 PM EST — Pakistani snipers have reportedly killed multiple Indian forces at the Line of Control.
-Numerous civilian casualties on Pakistan side.

5:02 PM EST — NOW CONFIRMED: Pakistan Army retaliating to Indian Army fire with 203 mm M115 Artillery shells.

5:30 PM EST — CONFIRMED: AT LEAST 7 Indian soldiers killed by Pakistan Army.

 6:00 PM EST – All Pakistani hospitals have  declared urgent need for blood. The situation is getting worse from hour to hour; Hundreds of civilians are wounded and bleeding badly. Thousands more are fleeing. 

Mass-media: Silent.

More updates as info becomes available . . .


 8:40 PM EST — Earlier we had reports many civilians in Pakistan administered Kashmir evacuated areas near LOC. Now civilians in India administered Kashmir have also started to leave due to heavy shelling/fighting.


Emergency sirens were sounded in Lahore Cantonment Pakistan at 0300 hrs local time this morning. And the skies over Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi are buzzing with the sound of PAF combat jets. Stretches of the M1 & M2 motorways near the Pakistani capital are being cordoned off, which may indicate that they will be used as emergency landing strips for PAF fighter aircraft.


9:00 PM EST — Pakistan has begun activating EMERGENCY RUNWAYS on their Highways M-1 and M-2.  The M-1 motorway (Peshawar-Islamabad) and the M-2 motorway (Islamabad-Lahore) each include two emergency runway sections of 9,000 feet (2,700 m) length.

The four emergency runway sections become operational by removing removable concrete medians using forklifts. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has used the M-2 motorway as a runway on two occasions: for the first time in 2000 when it landed an F-7P fighter, a Super Mushak trainer and a C-130 and, again, in 2010. On the last occasion, the PAF used a runway section on the M-2 motorway on 2 April 2010 to land, refuel and take-off two jet fighters, a [Mirage III] and an F-7P, during its Highmark 2010 exercise.



China has cancelled all flights to and from Pakistan for safety reasons following a decision by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Friday. It has also rerouted international flights of Chinese airlines that used Pakistani air space while flying from one country to another. Flights to and from the Middle East usually fly over Pakistan. The CAAC also notified domestic airlines to cancel their flights to Pakistan and cooperate with the air force to ensure the safety of flights and approve temporary flight plans.

(HT NOTE: This means a lot of different things; none of them good.  It should be a major “red flag” for observers of this situation.  When a super-power takes a small, but effective step like this, it means they know something.  At best, it means China already knows things are going to get MUCH worse.)



The “New Moon” will take place over New Delhi on March 6 at 9:33 PM local time.   From a tactical standpoint, a New Moon is the time when it is darkest at night; and is used militarily to help conceal aircraft from ground fire.  Today is March 2, so each day from now to then means darker nights and thus heightened ability for an air intrusion by one country into the other.


“Big Picture”

If recently the thought has occurred to you that “the world is going crazy” you’re not alone is seeing that.  The possibility of simultaneous invasions in Ukraine, Taiwan, Palestine/Syria/Iran, Venezuela is real.  Any rational person knows Venezuela is coming in the near future, the Middle East at some point, Taiwan eventually, and Ukraine likely. The world is heating up… and World War is a very possible outcome.   We know these two fighting nations(India – Pakistan)  have backers – some perhaps hidden – and that they are not simply fighting over Kashmir. Nothing in this world today is as it seems, and nothing is uncomplicated.   it would be to China’s benefit to create covertly, such a massive distraction of epic proportions to bring about their grand plan, the seizing by military force, of Taiwan and subduing all minor Asian nations as they storm the whole of the South China Sea. While simultaneously, launching an attack against all US military asset, bases, and installations in the Pacific region.There are stirrers of the pots, there are background supports, background enemies – this is far more complicated than Kashmir. It is worth taking this quiet moment to remind folks they should have “Preps” and they can find suggestions HERE.


1:00 AM EST – IED blast in Pulwama leaves one injured. The IED was laid to target security forces patrol vehicles but seems to have exploded prematurely. Pulwama is the exact same place where a terrorist bombing on February 14 killed 40 India police officers and set in-motion the present military conflict!



Internet connectivity in the area of the Line of Control (LoC) is being intentionally BLOCKED by both the Pakistan and India governments!   Civilians are finding themselves unable to communicate with anyone via email or social media because of this blockage.

Note, it is a BLOCK, not a lack of service.  The service IS there.  But any messages or images about the conflict are being stopped

It is clear that both the India and Pakistan governments wish to stop the flow of unfiltered civilian information from the conflict area;  allowing only _government_  information to see the light of day.   (Click to Source)


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