BREAKING: The “Ultimate Deal” Is Ready


According to multiple media sources, the Trump-Kushner Middle East peace plan has been finalized and is ready to be unveiled—probably shortly after Israeli elections, which are less than eight weeks away.  Only five people have access to the plan, but Kushner will soon be traveling to the Middle East to preview the deal to regional Gulf partners.

Details are scarce, but it is widely expected that the plan will divide Jerusalem and the Holy Land by establishing the nation of Palestine within the biblically-defined territory of Israel.  If this “Ultimate Deal”/”Deal of the Century” is agreed to, it will undoubtedly trigger the final series of events leading up to Daniel’s 70th Week.

JERUSALEM – The Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan is finished and President Trump has been briefed on its contents, two senior administration officials told Fox News on Sunday.

The final draft of the administration’s “Deal of the Century” is 175 to 200 pages long — and fewer than five people have access to the complete document, sources told Fox News.

“The plan is done… [the president] is happy with the parameters of the deal,” a senior administration official said.

It is looking increasingly likely that this peace plan will be revealed to the world while Israel is still 70 years old, before the nation’s 71st birthday.  Go figure—the deal that may trigger the 70th Week, unveiled while Israel is 70 years old by a modern day Cyrus who was born 700 days before Israel’s reestablishment during a blood moon, was 777 days old when Israel was 77 days old, was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old upon inauguration, and celebrated the two year anniversary of his inauguration in Israel’s 70th year during another blood moon.

If the Tribulation was Christmas, the removal of the Church from the earth would be akin to Thanksgiving.  Since we’re now seeing all the Christmas decorations going up, including the monumental Revelation 12 Signand virtually everything needed for construction of the Third Temple, we should really stop to think about the seriousness of it all and what we and the ones we love are about to experience momentarily.  And how could it be anything but Divine orchestration that Trump-Pence (“Trumpets”) would be the administration in place over the world’s chief Gentile nation and the very administration unveiling what may be the prelude to Daniel 9:27as all of this unfolds? (Click to Source)

Be ready.

– – –

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