This is Anti-Christian Bigotry From the Media

by Erick Erickson – January 17th, 2019


FILE – In this Dec. 6, 2018, file photo, Karen Pence smiles as she gives a tour of the holiday decorations at the Vice President’s residence in Washington. It’s back to school for Karen Pence. Mrs. Pence began teaching art to elementary students at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

The media that has largely turned a blind eye towards the increasing anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party is all in on attacking Christians and Christian educators.

The latest outrage is Karen Pence going back to work at the school she worked at for twelve years. The school in question is a Christian school that requires its employees and students to honor a Biblically moral code that includes a prohibition on open homosexuality.

I realize the media is offended by these things, but that is orthodox Christianity, and the Constitution of the United States actually puts the free exercise of religion ahead of the free press in the first amendment.

The media outrage is an attempt to shame the Second Lady of the United States when she’s just teaching art. But they don’t want a practicing Christian to work at a Christian school that adheres to Christian orthodoxy.

You can say all day that the school is bigoted towards homosexuals, but you are in turn bigoted against Christians. Christianity contains a Biblical view of marriage and sex and has been consistent for two thousand years maintaining more than 2 billion adherents around the world. Just because you know a Christian who disagrees does not mean their worldly view of Christianity is correct.

Attacking this school and Mrs. Pence is a form of bigotry itself. The reality is every single person who breathes on this planet makes choices that choose one group over another. The press is signaling its belief that anyone who chooses Christian orthodoxy should not be tolerated. (Click to Source)



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