Torah Commentary – Mikketz (At the end) – Making of a Man – SCRIPTURES FOR December 8, 2018

Torah Commentary
Mikketz (At the end)


Genesis 41:1-44:17
1 Kings 3:15-4:1
Acts 7:9-16Making of a Man

Joseph’s life has been one of incredible twists and turns. In his dark prison cell, he has had a great deal of time to think through his winding and tumultuous journey. His list of, “If I could do that over!” has been etched into his mind, and maybe even the prison wall. He is not the same little boy he was when he had his first dream. He is not the same young man he was when he was sold into slavery. Joseph has matured to the place where he can now be the tool Yah will use to bring forth the next steps in building His family, Israel.

Joseph probably shuttered when he heard Pharaoh had a dream. Up until this time, dreams and Joseph have not turned out too well. The difference in the outcome will be one simple, but complex word: Humility.

Humility is what Joseph has learned because of his time in prison. It is humility, which has prepared him for his time in the palace. Without this trait, he is destined to think he can live his life in charge of his own destiny; but with it, he knows Who is truly in charge. It is a trait we find in all the “Greats” of Scripture.

So what is humility? Webster defines it as, “a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.” Is this really what humility is? I would like to put my own two shekels into this one.

Biblical humility is knowing you are important in the plans and working of HaShem, and also knowing you, by yourself, have no way of bringing those plans about. Humility is seeing you are fearfully and wonderfully made, are created for and with great potential and purpose, while simultaneously knowing you do not possess the strength on your own to get to where you were born to go.

We are, in a way, like the sleekest and fastest race car ever built. We have been designed with great care, each nut and bolt handmade for purpose, but without gas in our tank we are just a showpiece, which can never leave the starting line.

Joseph was beginning to fully understand an important Truth: His life was not just a hodgepodge of other people’s decisions; but rather, his life from his mother’s womb had been designed for a specific purpose. This caused him to stand in awe of the thoughts and wonders of One far greater than he. He possessed maybe the greatest possession a man or woman can ever possess: Biblical humility.

It was humility, which would allow him to look at his brothers with compassion and love. It was humility, which caused him to look to the heavens and ask for wisdom in how to deal with them. Humility would lead him through the maze called, “Life in Egypt.”

Approximately twenty-five percent of the Book of Genesis is devoted to Joseph. Within the pages of his life is more prophecy than you or I can ever fully comprehend. Possibly the greatest prophecy we can focus on is the one which teaches us that, without humility, we will never be able to fulfill our purpose in life. Without humility we are destined to live in a prison of exile. It is humility, which will unlock the cell door and put us on the road to final redemption. It is humility, which will allow our steps of redemption to be ordered by Yah. It is humility, which will cause us to understand our lives are much more than “all about us.” Humility teaches us The Truth: Our lives are about glorifying Him and serving others. (Click to Source)

Shalom and Be Strong,
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