Witches plan to put a Hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh


Hex: to bewitch; practice witchcraft on: Spell, Charm

Galatians 3:1 “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?”  “

Bewitched in the Greek in “baskaino” and is like being Hypnotized, or put under a Spell! It is the power of EVIL, and is much like a Snake that has its eyes focused on a Rodent, and as that Rodent looks into the Snakes eyes, it is transfixed unable to move. Then that Rodent is easy prey for the Democrat, I mean the Snake. Then it Strikes and devours the Rodent!!!

Black Magic Ritual to be performed in NYC on October 20, 2018


CNSNews.com – Witches plan to place a public hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through an occult ritual on Oct. 20 in New York City, an event sponsored by Catland Books, which describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space.” The planned ritual has been advertised on Facebook.

“Please join us for a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them,” reads the description for the event, “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh.”

We are embracing witchcraft’s true roots as the magik of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised and it’s history as often the only weapon, the only means of exacting justice available to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him,” reads the description.

He will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and all of the axes you’ve got to grind,” states Catland. Read more at CNS News

They tied to do it to President Trump and failed. I believe they still attempt to do each waning moon every month:  Witches and Pagans gone Loco! Casting Spells and Magick at President and Supporters during Waning Moon!

Why the Waning Moon?

Waning Moon means the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This is a time for spells that banish, release, reverse. This is a time to break bad habits or bad addictions, to end bad relationships. This is a time of deep intuition and a time for divination.
At this time the moon represents the Goddess in her Crone Aspect, give praise to Hecate, Morrigan or one of the other Crone Goddesses. The period of the waning moon lasts about 14 days. Source: from a Witches Mouth!

When they do it on the 20th, it will be out of sync with their false god Lucifer, as the moon will be waxing. Of course Halloween is right around the corner so the spirit world is abuzz with much evil just waiting to break through when called upon!

Prayer to thwart the plans of the Wicked Enemy

Father, in the name of Jesus, the Name above ALL names, the Name that every knee will Bow to and every tongue will confess, that Jesus is Lord, and by HIS shed Blood on the Cross.

I ask that you nullify, cancel out, make nil and void, every curse, every spell, every incantation, anything that these Hounds of Hell, these disciples of Satan, these worshipers of false gods would try and put on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump, their Families and all of those who “abet” them!

Father I ask that you continue the hedge you have around Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump and those who “abet” them. I ask the same for all True Christians who stand in the gap against these devils, the same hedge you had around your servant Job. Father I do ask that when Satan comes before you and asks to have his way with us, you deny him and send him scurrying!

Father I ask in the name of Jesus, I ask that you send those curses, spells, hexes, voodoo, and all other devilish deeds they conjure up BACK to them 100 fold to show them who is in control and who is the Real God is, and they have the blinders removed (2nd Corinthians 4:3-4) coming to repentance, and becoming Born Again!

Father we come against the Principalities, the Powers, the Rulers of Darkness, the Spiritual Wickedness in High Places in Jesus’ name. He is the one that defeated the ENEMY at the Cross of Calvary! Colossians 2:15 “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”

Father in addition, I we ask that YOU shut down this Wicked Occult bookstore and bring the owner(s) to repentance!

Father, let them fall to their knees in repentance and ask for forgiveness for the Iniquity they are into. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, AMEN and AMEN!!!

See just what these Witches and Satanists do, and what the power of God can do when HIS people take authority over Lucifer’s kingdom!


Prayer is warfare!

There is a battle between good and evil going on right now. If you, as a Christian, are not in the battle, coming against the powers of darkness, then you are defeated and useless to the Kingdom of God. You might just as well just step over the fence you are straddling, go over to the side of the enemy as they have you in their grasp!!

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