Living Torah Commentary – Yom Kippur – The Days of Awe – SCRIPTURES FOR September 15, 2018

Torah Commentary
Yom Kippur
Leviticus 16:1-34; 18:1-30
Numbers 29:7-11
Isaiah 57:14-58:14
Hebrews 10
The Days of Awe
The month of Elul is now behind us. We all heard the sounds of earthly shofars, but were not joined by the sound of the ingathering shofar from the heavens. Not to set dates or say Yah cannot do things outside of our boxes, but it does seem we are in the field of harvest for another year. If this is true, we must ask the question: “What will we do with this year?” It is clear, at least to me, if I only do what I did last year, I can only be where I am now when I get to this year’s end. Before I expound on that thought, though, allow me to take a pause.
If the tradition I wrote of last week is correct, then The King has been with us in our field during this past month. Whether you were conscious of the tradition or not, think about what you were praying for during Elul. Did you say “no” to opportunities brought into your life last month? Are you sure those opportunities were not actual answers to your prayers? Think back over the month and consider it in light of that thought.
So now, He has turned and has made the walk back to His Palace. Are you in awe of His coming to meet you? Are you grieved in the slightest because this was not the year you would be called out of the field to be with Him? Have you considered He may grieve also, even though He understands why this is not the fullness of time?
What are we to do? First, let us reconsider the possible rejected opportunities I spoke of earlier. Is there time to go claim them? If yes, then do so! Either way, we are to return to the work He has given us to do, but now we are filled with new purpose and vigor. Praise Yah!
On Yom Kippur, though, we cease our work and consider the day He visited us, and as we ponder on our King, we will stand in awestruck wonder. Though we are still in the field, we can rehearse for that amazing future day.
We can also imagine there is coming a day when we won’t be packing the car to go to a park or a lake, but we’ll be packing for our glorious trek to Mt. Zion! Why are we so excited? It’s because we will be visiting our King in HIS House for eight days! We can only imagine the thought of the first time we will wave the lulav in His Kingdom. And then the first year, when we harvest our own field in Israel, we will set our very best at His Feet while reciting the instructed words of Duet. 26:1-11
Do I have you dreaming and yearning yet? I pray so. You see, it is from those dreams of The King in your mind, which will cause you to forget what is behind and press on toward the calling He has given you! The year ahead of us does not bring with it a promise of no obstacles, trials, struggles, or pain. What it does bring is hope, and His hope does not disappoint, even in the midst of troubles. We have been given the opportunity to work in His field another year. Why? Because if the earthly shofars are drowned out by a heavenly shofar next Yom Teruah, the offering we set at His feet will be a bit larger than would have been this year.
As we enter the day of Yom Kippur, I ask you to consider and ponder on this: Yom Kippur is not a day to afflict our souls over how bad we are, but rather, over how GOOD He Is. It is a day much like Moshe experienced on Mt. Sinai. In fact, he had forty of those days in which he did not eat or drink because he was so caught up in the awe of Whose Presence he was standing in. This Yom Kippur, consider The One Moshe saw, The One Isaiah saw, The One the three Hebrews walked with in the furnace.
Remember: One day in the future will be THAT DAY!
Finally, my prayer is not for your fast to be an easy one; rather, for your fast to be so filled with His Presence, that your earthly cares, needs, and desires are barely a fleeting thought. Selah. (Click to Source)

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