Satanic Leader Confesses to Sacrificing 675 Children ‘Gifted’ To Him By Doctors

The satanic pastor confessed to killing 675 people, mostly children,

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle on 19th July 2018 @ 2.00pm
The satanic pastor confessed to killing 675 people, mostly children,

A satanic cult leader has confessed to carrying out more than 600 child sacrifices on children ‘gifted’ to him by Luciferian doctors and nurses. The unnamed pastor wore a mask to disguise his identity when he made the horrific confession in the bizarre video, informing the TV host that he had spent 17 years living with satan. The satanic pastor confessed to killing 675 people, mostly children, offered to him by members of a satanic cult group within the medical community.

The pastor claimed to have carried out the ritual murder of more than 600 children ‘gifted to him by doctors and nurses.

Despite his claims, there is no mention of any police investigation into alleged , nor does he disclose when or where the sacrifices took place. The pastor, who is believed to be in his 30’s, claims he was born with more than 650 demonic spirits at his disposal – some of which he named. He said he needs to make sacrifices in order to sustain his power but has since left the ‘Satanic kingdom’, according to reports in the country. The unnamed man was seen wearing a disturbing mask to conceal his identity while making the horrific claims.

The video of the man, who appeared in Ghanaian media, had the clip culled before it could go to air on television. He then accused ‘fake’ pastors in the country using demonic forces to deceive their followers.


Satanism common is the medical industry?Just last month, Neon Nettle reported that a London based nurse has been convicted under a new ‘modern slavery’ law for using a satanic voodoo ritual in order to force Nigerian women into sex trafficking. Josephine Iyamu, had forced five Nigerian women to travel from Germany to start working as prostitutes a court heard. lyamu sent the women through Libya, Italy and eventually to Germany were they were forced into sex industry to work as prostitutes.

She also made the women hand over money “juju” voodoo ceremonies were they were asked to drink blood containing worms eat chicken hearts and had powder rubbed into their cuts according to the BBC. One woman was ordered to pay $43,123 to be trafficked for prostitution. Iyamu was convicted of five counts of facilitating travel across the Mediterranean in order to sexually exploit the women following a 10-week trial at the Birmingham Crown Court. (Click to Source)




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