Torah Commentary – Mattot/Massei “Tribes” / “Journeys” – POSSESS THE LAND – SCRIPTURES FOR July 14, 2018



Mattot/Massei “Tribes” / “Journeys”

Numbers 30:2–36:13

Jeremiah 2:4–28, 3:4

Hebrews 1-6

Over three thousand years ago the Hebrews stood on the east bank of the Jordan River, their time in the desert near the end.  Aaron had died and Moses would soon follow.  HaShem spoke to the people and gave them specific instructions regarding the land they were soon to possess.  First He gave them specific borders for the land.  Then He told them that each tribe would possess a specific area in the land, gave instructions for the Levites and for cities of refuge, and gave the command to possess the land.

What is it that is so special about this land?  It is a rather small piece of real estate with a certain beauty, but nothing really when compared to the Smokey Mountains or the Cape of South Africa.  It is mostly desert.  But it is His desert!  There is a spiritual beauty to the land of Israel that cannot be described.  This is God’s land!  Yes I know that He owns everything and is everywhere at all times, but in Israel there is a special presence.  In Numbers 35:34, He states that He lives there in The Land.  As an acquaintance of mine puts it, this is God’s neighborhood!  This will one day be the capitol of His Kingdom.

In this week’s Torah portion the Hebrews are told to possess this land where HaShem states He lives.  But not once since the time of the original commandment have they been able to do so.  Why?  Numbers 33:50-55 gives instructions for how they are to possess the land.  They are to drive out everyone in the land who serves another god, to utterly destroy any image or high place which was devoted to another god, and to rid the land of anyone and anything that does not submit to the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  This was the message then; this is the message today!

Most of us have watched the news over the past years concerning Israel.  The land is not being possessed, but is being given away piece by piece.  Jericho, Bethlehem, Hevron, and the list goes on and on of Biblical Land being given over to the enemies of God, while the Palestinians mock with murders and terrorism, while Godless leaders of governments conspire against God and His people.

What is the answer?  It is past time for God’s people to take a stand, whether you live in Israel or not.  It is time to do what you can do.  If you live in Israel, possess it or get out of the way of the people who are obeying God.  Do not be concerned about the consequences.  Psalm 81 is a clear promise to you; God will defeat your enemies.

For those of us not in Israel, what can we do?  Please allow me a few ideas.  First of all, if at all possible go to Israel!  Stand arm in arm with the people of faith and allow your presence to strengthen their resolve. If you are part of a congregation, go to the leadership and make a stand.  Tell them you desire to stand with Israel and ask how you can start a prayer meeting and awareness campaign in your congregation.  If they refuse, leave and find a congregation who will. Yes, leave, shake the dust off your feet and find somewhere that will support Israel.

If you and I say we desire to pursue Torah, we must stand with God and with His land.  We must not back down from His Word.  The Land has always been and forever will be His.  It is His neighborhood and will soon be the capitol of His Kingdom.  It is time for the dominion of the King to drive out the thorns and the thistles and possess His Land once and for all!

On a final note. I realize that today most of us are not able to physically move to Israel and enter into our inheritance. What can we do? We can stand with those who today are there, our Jewish brothers and sisters. We can stand against anyone who desires to usurp the inheritance by saying the land does not belong to the Jews, that the Jews are not really Jews or that the Palestinians are the true Jews.  This is not a time to sit on the sidelines quietly or decide that the soil where we place our feet is just as good as what He said to possess. Take action? Yes. How? With a vow to do whatever He asks to stand with the place He also calls home. (Click to Source)


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