Democrats Fly Mexican Flags During Parade Instead of American Flag

Outrage as US flags are burned rather than celebrated

Posted by: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 9th July 2018 @ 12.00am

Democrats choose to fly Mexican flag rather than American flags.

It could just be a simple slip-up from staffers. Or it could be outright pandering to her pro-amnesty leftist base.Either way, Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick had a float representing her campaign in Eloy, Arizona on Saturday, in which the staff opted to fly the Mexican flag without being accompanied in any manner by the American flag.


American flags are burned in the street rather than celebrated

Via the Arizona GOP:

Today Robert Graham criticized Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona’s CD 1 for flying the Flag of Mexico during her parade in Eloy, Arizona this morning. “Arizona voters already know Kirkpatrick has been doing a poor job representing her constituents while she continues to support Obama’s failed policies, but flying the Flag of Mexico alone with no sign of the Flag of the United States is offensive and hurtful not just to our veterans but to every American,” said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. You have to give her the benefit of the doubt, however.It could simply have been a minor oversight on the part of her staff. I mean, who would think of adding an American flag to a parade float?Just because they’re an American politician.

Collecting American taxpayer dollars. In America.Shortly after the 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. Oh well, at least nobody is concerned with the optics of this faux pas. Except maybe Kirkpatrick.The GOP suggests that the Mexican flag was intentionally cropped out of the pictures posted on the Kirkpatrick campaign Twitter feed.

“Our team is walking in Eloy today & talking about Ann’s record of fighting for AZ families!” The response from her followers on Twitter was overwhelmingly negative. One post asked if Kirkpatrick is fighting for “American families or Mexican” families. Another suggested that it was “appalling” for Kirkpatrick to accept U.S. taxpayer dollars and represent Arizona while flying only the Mexican flag during the parade. Seeing as we try our best to help Democrat politicians learn the error of their ways, we’ve added this public service for Ms. Kirkpatrick. The Congresswoman also ran a page where constituents can “request a flag,” but the site was later removed following complaints. Perhaps her own staff might want to look into it next time another parade rolls through town. (Click to Source)

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