Can California Be Saved? Paul Preston and Dave Hodges- The CSS


Calexit has fallen on hard times and its George Soros backing has been exposed to the public. Therefore, the son of the owner of Wikipedia, Tim Draper who is a total globalist, is initiating a proposal to break up California into three states with gerrymandered districts designed to keep them Democratic. The readers are probably not aware of this, but the people of California are actually voting on this three-state proposal this fall. This proposal is both illegal and unconstitutional, but the proposal still made it onto the ballot.

The Common Sense Show has learned that once these 3 states are created, they will individually pursue withdrawal from the United States under a guise of being a protectorate under the UN flag. Subsequently, each of the 3 states can call in the UN, together, or separately, and under the Kigali Principles to prevent any federal government interference.

Even if the three-state proposal passes, it will be struck down by the Supreme Court because it is illegal and crosses the line into sedition. However, the insurrection has already begun, the bell cannot be “unrung”. just this week, the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, sanctioned felonies committed by Portland citizens. The mayor of Portland has joined the mayor of Oakland who is guilty of sedition and treason. (Click to Source)

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